I still miss her, but parents are not ok and thought for hiding the things.?

I am under discussion for arrange marriage with a girl to know each other, gradually I fall in love with her.
This is the first girl with whom I have spoken and shared my feeling that much in return she has also accepted that and appreciated and supported me on all aspects.
But after almost 8 months all of a sudden she has fallen ill and need to undergo surgery.
Knowing this my parents has cancelled this relationship because of hiding about her illness.
Also came to know later on that she remains ill from the very beginning.
Even I also realized if she ever told me about her illness earlier then I shall not try to speak a lot with her or after knowing this if speak, then will not turn back.
But I can’t forget her I don’t know what should I do?
My parents are not ok with this relation.
Please help, because sometime I really miss her a lot.
What should I do?
I really miss her, she has shown her full support in each aspect to me.

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From the account you have written it is evident that you have started liking her albeit loving her. Tell me who does not fall sick. And if proper medical checkup made there is remedy to every ailment. If her parents had hidden something from you, then fault lies with them not with the girl in question. I am of the firm belief you should again establish liaison with her and think of a serious relationship. You will have a very good married life with the GRACE OF ALMIGHTY GOD. *


*If you do not marry while you still are connected with her then how come you can start life with another girl. I think just think of marrying the same girl and live happily. God will be with you. If you are still ‘miss her’ then make her the part of your life and why not you still like her.


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Author: Harbans

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  1. Good evening sir,
    pleasure to talk to u after a long while, sir as i have got recruited as PGT English in Haryana education so i wish to have inform u about this, but before this i was trying for PR Australia and i was preparing for it , my husband has a great wish to move from here and sir, i am in dilemma what to do, should i fulfill the dream of my husband or persue this govt. Job.
    I know sir u can best counsel me in this regard, i had felt earlier that i could give a good education and environment there to my son in Australia as India is full of corruptions, what should i do sir, kindly guide me.

    1. Good evening to you Prof Deepali

      First of all please accept my felicitations for getting recruitment as PGT English – a cherished dream of everybody to get Govt employment wherein complete security is there.

      As far for your PR to Australia; the idea is good yet I opine that you seem to have different opinion. Being India too you can change the destinies of your children (family); corruption notwithstanding.
      You are a fine example of how you can get your ambition fructified by your grit and determination. Sure enough your idea will become translated into reality albeit with your family.

      I think you should stay put in India and pursue your family’s dreams here only. God’s willing all your ambitions will get successful with HIS BLESSINGS.

      My son too wanted to plan his stay there although he along with his wife are in England but not for permanent settlement. INDIA is suitable and good enough with all its weak spots.

      My respects to you and your husband and love to your son.


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