Is almost everyone in this world lost and dunno what to do?

Is almost everyone in this world lost and dunno what to do?

I mean… i know i ask a lot of questions, get lost, ask advice, need reassurance and don’t know what to do in a relationship or love matter or about myself. I always think someone else or my brother or sister would know better. Then i see on here there’s SOOOO many questions people ask….and it makes me think…maybe people are just as unsure as me?? I thought i was the only one =/ then how do we ever know what to do in life??

Currently i am SO confused to do with this guy and my mind is just gonna explode and emotions spazzing out of control… and i desperately seek for an answer…. but what IS the right answer? How DO YOU know? What do you do in tough situations? Why do i constantly feel on loose string?? 😦 i need reassurance..
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• Harbans Lal answered 3 years ago

Fact remains that we should never ever expect that you will get everything 100%. There is always something wanting in everything under the sun. We all are prone to be fallible and it should never be construed that you get all tailor made as per your requirement. You have to sweat for it. Sometimes you may attain your goal easily and at other times it may take sometimes for its fruition.

Whenever you find yourself in tough predicament – when no solution is emerging, just think Cooley as to why solution is not coming. Break the problem in hand in parts and go after each one of them wholeheartedly and with sincerity. It should be borne in mind that you can get cold only when you dig deep, it is never found on the surface of the earth. Concentration, perseverance and singleness of approach is a must.

May it be love, relationship or any other life related problem, true and wholesome solution can only come if you have positive approach. There are others also who could be of any help to you whenever you consider you get stuck up. But never lose heart and do not ever become desperate. You not only require reassurances but also require to do ‘action’ for a solution of intractable problem at hand.*
More often than not, we become impatient whenever something contrary to our expectation happens. This is due to the fact that we are not having control over our mind and its senses. We become too much touchy in small things. It goes to show that we lack self belief / self confidence. This self belief comes with knowing our own self. Having knowing our ‘self’ means knowing our strengths and weaknesses. Then we can make efforts in plugging our weak areas and live life on our own terms.

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  1. everytime i have not gotten what i wanted and accepted it and surrendered, it has always ended up being better. expectations cause impatience which is basically not agreeing with the world. although healthy discontent leads to progress, sometimes we have to just wait and see,. but that is very hard to do

    1. It all goes to show that TOTAL SURRENDER to our LORD always pays in the long run, in any venture we undertaken, that is the mystic TRUTH and BEAUTY of our LORD.

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