Is life worth living?

Is life worth living?

Hi, I know this sounds depressing, but I’m only 26, and honestly l wouldn’t mind just dying (no, I don’t mean I plan on killing myself, so don’t worry about that).

I’m a first year Grad student, and I hate it. I don’t hate the program, and I actually love what I’m studying, but I feel so burnt out (I just finished a double undergrad major in Math and Geography), and I’m scared. What complicates the situation is my less than positive relationship with my research advisor. I don’t even trust her anymore.

I keep telling myself “it’s only two years,” but then I begin to stress out about the “what will I do with the degree” problem. I am terrified of being stuck in a cubicle working for some faceless corporation and kissing the man’s *** for the rest of my life! I feel like the only reason why I am going to school is to keep that from happening.

And then all I see online is about how screwed my generation is, and how none of us are going to survive in the working world. I never had a trust fund, never had heath insurance, never really had parents, and yet I made it through college. I feel like I have always had something to look forward up to this point, but now it feels more and more like that thing is death.

I am so scared of my future. I don’t feel like I can take another day of Grad School, but if the alternative is worse, I don’t know what to do. I feel so lost, so hopeless. I value life, and I have no plan of doing anything harmful, but I need to feel like I have something to look forward, and I don’t anymore.

I know I’ve asked this question before, but I’m starting to get desperate. I have a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I’ve had multiple check ups with doctors and they all give me a clean bill of health. I really think it’s straight out depression. I feel trapped in my life now, and that I have no choice of what I can do. It’s just getting worse and worse. Sometimes, I just feel like disappearing.

Is life worth living, should I vanish?

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Really, after reading your description about yourself, I can say, with high degree of certainty that you can be a very good writer. The flow of language and the style, if one reads between the lines, is obviously very lucid, vivid and easy to follow even by a person of less intelligence. Young lady cheer up. Do not think about future, care for your today, which is at your hand. Your future will be taken care of. And also, do not compare yourself with better offs than yourself. Think of the people who are worse off than yourself. You are having every element of yours in perfect cohesion and there is nothing wrong in your constitutional self. Take some positive lessons in spirituality. Keep the company of Christ in your daily life. Think that He is a guiding force for you. When He is with you, you can be assured of better than the best life in the coming day and years to come. So forget your past bad events or anything harsh that has transpired in your life. Bad events even if leave their imprints in us but we have to scrub them off of day-to-life and start with a clean slate. So, cheer up, brace up and never think of negative things in life. You are bestowed with a beautiful life to live for and not to waste it off. Spent your time helping others in your own way and have some positive hobbies. Your time will pass peacefully and cheerfully. GOD BLESS. *

Life is what we make of it. It can be a cake walk, if we make it so, can be intractable, if we do not want to live keeping in mind the imponderables that are necessary. It depends onus, if we make a mountain of a molehill, or take any situation as a challenge to pounce on that challenge and win. Or may be we may not succeed in our attempt(s) yet  we have to try again till we attain our goal. That is the life worthliving. This challenge could be sorting out of relationships, sorting out problems at home or at work place or any contingency that may arise spontaneously.

In life, we have to be ready for any contingency, and the will to fight should spring from our inner being but with the faith that in all our endeaours, our CREATOR is always there to come to our help at the right moment. Then why fear. Just make life a cakewalk rather than intractable and complex. Depends on us which way to take.

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Thank you! Unfortunately, I think all that life is is working for the man in a stupid cubicle 😥

It’s just a shame that all the cool stuff about life being unique and meaningful while I was in school was just a load of crap! The real world sucks!


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  1. i will ditto with your answer harbans. beautiful. as for your reader i will only say life is an amazing journey, that is given to us only once! Dont count on second birth 🙂

    its a beautiful planet full of amazing things! love the small things and you will always be happy.

    1. Sharmishtha ji thanks a lot for your inspiring remarks.

      If we believe rebirth theory or not is another thing. but what is more important is the present and the future which throws us the bigger challenges. How best we meet the challenges and remain unscathed without being influenced by the past events which may have impacted our life.

      I am the person who thinks that everybody in this life faces unsolicited and unpredictable situation which may have disappointed us but sagacity is to go on nonchalantly caring more for TODAY and face it firmly.

      Those who say that they had a cake walk in life are just telling lies. Even Gods had to face peculiar situations; Lords Krishna, Rama, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak et al faced diverse situations but they showed to the world at large that these situations give you the chance of facing them squarely.

      1. if we take the example of the Avatars then we should be humbled! They suffered so much even though they possessed purest hearts! Every human being is tested again and again by adversities, s/he can either bring out the best in self or let those adversities win.

        Being a reader I know how much these people have suffered and how their bleeding hearts have only spilled beauty, the beauty they have left behind for us..

        I dont believe in rebirth, I have thinked about it a lot, but just cant believe it.

        But my mind is open to everything starting from aliens to swarg (who can say? maybe there is a swarg, only Gods dont allow us there anymore!)?

      2. Yes Sharmishtha ji, our AVTARS suffered and showed to us that they too suffered the pangs in their lives. It should not be forgotten that KARMA works in everybody’s lives. Even GODs cannot escape from this. If we do good turn to others, we will get good results. May be sometimes this result may not be forthcoming now but sure enough it will come after sometimes. Nobody can escape from bad deeds. As you sow so shall you reap. Or ‘action and reaction is equal and opposite. People who ‘bleed’ for others there would be time when somebody would be there to bleed for him/her. This is KARMIC THEORY.

        Life is a challenge, we have to meet. Even those who have everything; power, pelf, cannot escape. the result of their deeds or misdeeds.

        With regard to HEAVEN (SWARAG)it depends on us only to create heaven or hell for us. If we are touchy on a small things and react unreasonably then it creates a form of hell for us. Even on this earth we can create our own heaven or hell. And the eternal heaven could be created due to our KARMA or TOTAL LIBERATION from birth or rebirth according to our own KARMA here in this life or birth(s) before this birth.

        Death has to be there one day. But there are people who die many a times before their actual death. It is because when we want to hoodwink somebody willfully and deceive others and their their share what is not ours. or just have negative feeling for others then we’ll have to suffer in this life or afterwards. What we transact, we have to suffer or gain according to our karma.

        For example, CM of TN got her result here on this earth itself for the corruption charges – her Karma. Is not it a hell for her – she is cooling her heals in the JAIL. This goes to prove that here on this earth or after our death nobody escapes from his/her KARMA.

        Thanks for igniting discussion.


  2. Ah, Grad school…well not so much the studies but who you get stuck with that is going to grade you. When I was studying in Applied Linguistics I submitted a paper on using music to teach adults English (as a second language). One of the thesis advisers said that this was not appropriate for adults. But guess what? A few years later, I attended a conference where she was giving a talk on yes…using music to teach adults English!
    That crumbled down the Ivory Tower for me and was an eye-opener. Just because someone is in a high position doesn’t make them a good person.
    A lot of thins suck: war, poverty, abuse, rejection…but there are also a lot of beautiful things in this world. It’s a question of getting in touch with them.
    Being the best person you can be, I’ve found, is what is most important in life. 🙂

    1. Just incredible input and an addon to my answer to the question.

      There are so many things which are happening, which are not in consonance with probity and good human behaviour but we have to live with such things. But we have to make concerted effort to refine or correct these negative things, if we are in a position to do that, and if not then at least we can just fight these things out and avoid influencing from these adverse impacting things. That is in our hands.

      Bad things do exist, These used to be there when LORD JESUS CHRIST OR LORD KRISHNA OR LORD RAMA was/were there. Evil is always there. These GOD’S incarnates should make us realize how THEY fought the evils prevailing in the society at those times.

      Yours enunciation:

      ‘Just because someone is in a high position doesn’t make them a good person.
      A lot of thins suck: war, poverty, abuse, rejection…but there are also a lot of beautiful things in this world. It’s a question of getting in touch with them.’

      just outstanding.

      What is most important that we should all live according to the NORMS LOVED by our society on consonance with the LAWS OF NATURE too.
      But those who face the the life squarely just do not tarry but fact the FACTS of life – come what may with the thinking the one who is born here on earth will have to have adverse situations that is the test LIFE presents to everybody where status or position in the society does not count.

      Thanks and regards

  3. So many who hold high office are found to have flaws. Fallen idols all. Too often they remain undetected; blighting the lives of their students/followers/victims. Sometimes the pain can be suppressed, even transformed into something positive, but there remains the scar – almost invisible until the day it is acknowledged – then the truth frees the victim while condemning the perpetrator.
    Sometimes the evil remains undetected during the lifetimes of all concerned, but the truth, when it comes, has a cleansing effect that gives strength to the living.
    Here in UK, this is happening; slowly – too slowly for some who may not have the time for a long wait, but like the crack in a dam, it is widening and hope is spreading among those who thought there was none. Hope, like a spider’s web, is eternal – as long as there is life.

    1. First of all, kindly accept my sincere thanks for your most inspiring comments.

      My experience tells me that those who interfere or spoil others’ image with their mala-fide intentions,though may escape for sometime but theory of KARMA hardly leaves anybody. It catches up people who unreasonably insinuate others. These people think themselves above rights of others but GOD – being OMNIPOTENT & OMNISCIENT knows everything. He ensures that justice is done to all. The perpetrators are given an exemplary punishment. Although the scar remains yet TIME is a great healer. It helps everything including the ‘insinuation’ of the cruelest.

      Hence, experience is the guide that nobody escapes from KARMA – do good and you’ll get good – now or some other time is the question. Do bad and you’ll get good. Result of bad is always bad.

      We humans, living in any part of the world, are govern by the same rule – our Creator is the same – we enjoy the same natural bounties – air, water and space – the precious ones but just free for everybody. He is too benevolent and belief in Him just helps us evaporate every bad deeds of others.

      Then, to think that others are not having any bad tidings is living in fools paradise. It should be understood that those who are born here on this earth bring with them different characteristics with different problems to surmount. Life is like that. Even those who are materially rich cannot saw themselves FLAWLESS in everything. Something always is there which makes them sad at one time or the other.

      It should never be forgotten that only OUR LORD is perfect in all respects. No humans of any standings could be perfect in all respects. We have seen facade of goodness but perfectly FLAWLESS – lily-white none whatsoever. Humans cannot be! This should never be forgotton and LIVE on peacefully with this intention.

      Thanks and regards

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