PM Modi at Madison Square – cementing ties with America HIS VISION FOR INDIA

PM Modi at Madison Square – cementing ties with America


It has rightly been said that the countries which remain united casting aside all the differences based on caste, creed, cultural differences can make huge strides ahead, when everyone performs his/her duties with dedication/ persevere for a common cause ; when all have respect for each others’ religious sentiments then nobody can stop that country’s onward march towards progress.  Also, when there is a zero tolerance to corruption and nepotism when narrow parochialism takes backseat then that country has assured bright future. Just casting aside petty mindedness. Shote Log performing big tasks is the slogan of the Prime Minister.

Every Indian felt proud at the reception of PM of India got. Firstly, the voice of sanity to the right to reply of our neighbour’s tirades against India – which was appreciated by all.Will do big things for small people.

On 28th September, the rousing reception by the Indians – Americans, then the cultural progromme which was given by the participants were really incredible.

In his speech PM covered the following salient points.

·      Sincere Performance. His exhortation to the employees to attend office on time and work sincerely. He was forthright in mentioning that he has not taken even 15 minutes off since he became PM so he would expect that others should be on time to attend to his/her offices and duties.

·      Progress by the World. He mentioned that the world at large is forging ahead / progressing and India should also make its presence felt in tne comity of nations. Now a days, we are living in a global village and whatever happens in any part of the world has implication for India. He mentioned that we have to face all the challenges.

·       ; Expectations from India. While addressing the audiences present, he told that you people have expectations from me and from India. He exhorted them to keep one foot in India for making themselves aware what is all happening there.

·  ;21st Century is Asian’s Century. It has been said by very many people that 21st Century would be Asian Century and Bharat is in Asia. And it would be Century of Bharat.

·      &nb sp;Youngest India. India is the youngest in the world (with 65% of the people below the age of 35 years) and has the oldest culture and the admix of both, he mentioned with fullest confidence, will help make the dream of India come true with fullest bhagidhari.

·       ; Three Things why India would be 21st century Asian Giant. 

  • Population of 1.25 Crores where 65% are below the age of 35 years.
  • Bubbling and largest democracy  in the world – where people choose their own Governments.
  • Has most suitable demographic Division.

·      Why World Country should come to India. India with a population of 1.25 Crores constitute a vast market for the products having demand of goods and services and if right climate is created, it will impact hugely. In other words India has a huge market with huge population.

·       ; America is an old democracy while India is a largest democracy.

·        Technology makes a Difference. Previously, Indians were considered to be a nation of snake charmers, we used to play with snakes only but now we are playing with the mouse of the computer – a big leap ahead by any imagination.

·  Jan Bhagedhari (Joint partnership) can make a Huge Difference. He mentioned that if all the people and the Government work together, it can make a huge difference to the progress of the country.

  • Indians are available everywhere round the globe and contributing their mite for the countries concerned.

·       Indi a remained under subjugation for 1000 – 1200 years. Sikhs, in particular their Gurus contributed immensely. They made huge sacrifices for the cause of the common people – which cannot be forgotten by any.

·        Gandhiji Contribution for freedom of India. Gandhiji was also an NRI. While he came to India, he too made it a Jan Andholan to liberate India off the foreign yoke.,

·      Skilled workers. India with its 65% youths can make a great impact economically when they learn some skill. This skill can work wonders not only in India but also in foreign lands. For example there is a huge demand of nursing assistants, teachers especially of Math and Science.

·      India’s Advancement in Science and Technology. He gave an interesting analogy. It takes Rs. 10/- per Km for a three wheeler ride from Ahmadanagar  but our scientists have made it possible with Rs. 7/- per Kms for the visit to MARS and with a budget of less than a Hollywood film/ India has sent its mission to Mars with indigineous technology and that too in first attempt! An incredible achievement indeed he declared.

·      Creator of job and Seeker of job. He mentioned that our priority should be to create job rather than job seekers.

·      Jan Dhan Jojna. He cited the example of Jan Dhan Jojna. He had declared that this scheme should start with ZERO BALANCE. But this has yielded Rs. 1500 CRORES in bank deposits for 4 crore people! An achievement indeed by any reckoning.

·        Make-in-India. He then emphasized the concept of Make-in-India. He also invited suggestion on his website: for making this dream true.

·        ;Redundant Rules. He mentioned that the rules which become impediments should be dropped forthwith. He assured that all the rules which are not proving worthwhile would be removed.

·      ;Cleanliness. He mentioned that he is from a humble background as a tea vendor. He thus wants that people should keep their surroundings neat and clean. He also told that he will endeavour that toilets are available for maximum people. He wanted GANDGI SE MUKAT BHARAT (INDIA FREE OF UNCLEANLINESS) and also emphasized that Gandhiji liked cleanliness.

·       Gang a Cleaning. He stressed that Ganga cleaning mission should be followed up assiduously. 40% of the people in Uttarakhand, UP, Behar, West Bengal are dependent on Ganga for irrigation and meeting their water requirement. In this direction, he asked his audiences about the need for Ganga cleaning which was received with huge applause. By so doing, we shall not only be in tune with our faith but also with cleaning the environment and climate control.

·     ; Gandhiji came to India on 8-9 Jan 1915. He fought for our freedom through non-violent means. We can pay him back (karaj chukka sakte hen) by keeping the Ganga clean and keeping our environment in which we live clean.

·      PIO and OCI. He announced that PIO and OCI passport amongst NRI community would be merged and there will be no need to go to police stations for checks etc.  And this PIO would be for life. He also informed that visa on arrival scheme would also be launched soon.

This visit  will actually have salutary effect on INDO-AMERICAN relationship and take it to new heights. Two democracies – one bigger (India) and the other older (America) coming together.




Author: Harbans

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