Why American love India d India love Amreica why?

Why American love India d India love America why? 

cz i have seen many people who love to go America.they love there no culture system. Hollywood,cities.etc…d i talked to many Americans on my fb d twitter they love 2 come India d want discover India by them-self…d i seen so many american people near me around me whenever i go out…why this happen…i want answer from ami people….what ami people like about India
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Liking or disliking is skin deep. It is not perfunctory. India has a diverse cultural heritage with varied and unexplored horizons which need to be seen and appreciated. The olden art and craft is worth emulating. Indian greatness lies in its diversity. On the other hand India is a country which has not aligned with any country of the world or block. 

Also, as far as the IT industries is concerned, Americans and Indians have many things to share. Indian expertise in this field and others have made quite a difference in America. The Americans by dint of their life style are quite forwarding looking. The case of Bill Gates visits to India many a times and helping in whatever way he could is laudable. 

In the field of world peace, India and American can cooperate for bettering world scene. Americans have always inspired Indians in many ways than one. It is because of this, many doctors and engineers of repute are working shoulder to shoulder in American and helping cementing the relationship even more. Indians and Americans have many things in common and it is good that this relationship flourishes for better tomorrow. It is a relation of give and take. And has a great future, differences, sometimes notwithstanding.*

*Visit present Prime Minister, Mr. Narinder Modi, has really cemented the relationship between India and America. Between them they have signed agreement beneficial for both – discussed about WTO problems, terrorism besides many other For this kindly visit my blog on: Prime Minister Modi’s visit in Medison. There has to be convergence of views since America is an oldest democracy and India is a largest democracy. Sure enough, in the days to come there would be solidification of relationship between the two democracies for the overall benefits of the two. 

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    1. Firstly kindly accept my sincere thanks for gracing my blog with your visit and then inspiring comments. Just heart warming. Two nations, when they feel akin on various topics of import, speaks volume about their convergence of culture, values, etc despite some differences.

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