What does having a clean heart mean ? 


In this world and rat race, everyones fighting for survival …. So whats a clean heart ? To say whatever comes into heart or mind, needs to be controlled sometimes in order not to hurt the other person …. Maybe lie and pretend sometimes …. So whats a clean heart ?

The relevance in today’s world ?

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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago
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A clean heart is the one which does not have any ill-will, ill-feeling, misgiving against anyone. he/she is the one who believes everybody to be rational in their action and deeds. Takes no offence for anything under any situation or circumstances. He /she does not intentionally harm others. His/her heart is so full of consideration for others that whenever he/she sees any harm done, he is emotional charged and exhibits the same on ground and acts to alleviate. In my opinion, ‘lie’ for a good cause to some extent is ok, but that ought not be made a habit otherwise whatever is done gets diluted, the definition of ‘good heart’ gets blurred.

In the present day world, yes it is immensely and hugely required. We experience today people are so obsessed for the material world that they could go to any limit of decency in acquiring the same though they may have to anyhow take by any means. This engenders ill-feelings and hence woefully ill-conceived.

Conclusively, it could be inferred that being clean hearted is a crying need of the hour. *

*The following are some of the best traits of a person with ‘clean heart’.


  1. That person is spiritual in  his/her outlook.
  2. Respects others as he wants himself/herself to be respected by others.
  3. He/she does not discriminate on the basis of caste, color or social standing etc.
  4. He/she comes to the rescue of the needy.
  5. That person feels compassion towards others.
  6. That person is full of empathy towards others needs and aspirations.
  7. That person feels pained when anybody is pained due to one reason of the other.
  8. He/she no negative traits like anger, jealousy, rancor, et al.
  9. That person is always in a positive frame of mind.
  10. That person possesses equanimity in happy and sad situations.




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