What are the causes for memory loss ?


Does too much computer usage and online chatting help to reduce memory ?

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Harbans   answered 3 years ago
Anything done excessively is bad for our system. But use of computers is not the only reason for memory loss/reduction. Excessive use of computer for chatting excessively and relying more on computers rather than  through practical experiences affects our memory.  For example, we do not memorize spellings of difficult words thinking that we shall find those online. Exercise your senses, so that these are trained to act in a manner which are not harmful for our body. Try memorizing things, make it a daily habit to use your memory. Anything left unattended reduces its sheen and memory is no different. Never ever think that you have memory loss because what you think just happens. If you think excessively that you have memory impairment then sure slowly but surely you will lose in the process that which you possess.  On the other hand, just live with moderate habits; in eating, in lifestyle etc. Give auto suggestions to your mind that you are gaining memory and see the difference.  *

* Memory loss is also due to the following factors:-
Intake of drug usage for example anti-depressants, sleeping pills etc. Then alcoholism including smoking which reduces the quality and quantity of Oxygen to brain thus impairing our memory.
More often than not, we do not concentrate and want anything or everything just in hurry without thinking about result of our hurried actions. 

It has been rightly said that what we eat we become. If we take diet poor in nutrition and protein then it will certainly affect our body functionally   including our memory.
Then when we are stressed due to one reason or another due to one reason or another, occasionally, we get less sleep which too adversely affects our memory.




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