Should I be scared, Death threat?!?

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Should I be scared, Death threat?!?

Well, I was about to go to a place when someone called me. It sounded like one of my friends, but she said it was Kaedi, a girl who hates me. she said “Hey! This is Kaedi.” And I said “Ohhh ok..” And she said “______ ______ (One of my friends) hates you” Then I said “why?” and she said “She thinks you’re gay” Then my mom said it was a time to leave, so I said into the phone “I got to go” and “Kaedi” said “DON’T BACK TALK ME!” and I said “I wasn’t.. I really have to go.” then she said “well go suck something” then I said “ummm… ok?!?!” then she said ” Go suck a magic marker so you can DIE! Go fall off a cliff and DIE!! I never want to see your face again. and if I see you next year, i’m going to kill you. ” At that point I just hung up. I didn’t really pay much attention about it, and I didn’t let it get to me. but should I be scared?

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  • Harbans answered 4 years ago
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Please always remember, develop friendship with wisdom cap on i.e. choose your friends with care and caution. If chosen already do not leave them in the lurch. Be wary of the ones who you think are threat to you at present or in future.

Now coming to your predicament, be rational and do not have intimacy with the person from whom you think threat for your life is emanating. Always think we are destined to die one day now or ever. Do not spoil your today for better tomorrow. Be detached from your present state of mind and live a carefree life. Do not ever be scared about anything in life when you are upright everything will be already with you. *

  • It should be remembered that death has to come one day, now or any other day.
  • Living in perpetual fear of death after death threat from somebody will hardly make matters better but we would be spoiling our certain present for uncertain tomorrow.
  • It should never be forgotten that whatever is destined to happen will happen, our worrying about it will hardly make much difference.
  • If somebody is threatening us, it goes to prove that that person is himself/herself threatened, that is, that person is internally very insecure and that person wants to transfer that insecurity to others and the ones to whom that person knows become the easy targets.
  • Insofaras the death threat is concerned, only those care those threats who are weaklings. A strong willed person never give two hoots about those threats.
  • It should never be forgotten that this very moment that we live peacefully is better than what we would be living in the near future that is unpredictable.
  • Be that as it may, we should have complete faith in our LORD and His creations and never threaten others, come what may be. Even though, we are threatened! It is because whenever death has to come, it’ll come – threat or no threat.
  • The person who threaten others should also introspect the futility of their threats. If they are unable to give life to others then they (ones threatening others) have no right to take others’ life and make others’ life miserable so that they live in perpetual fear.



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