How to express my feelings to someone for whom I can leave anything?

How to express my feelings to someone for whom I can leave anything?

I am in love with one of my colleague but I am not be able to express it.



Best Answer:  For God’s sake, if you are having true love for someone, please mention that to her. Do not have any kind of inhibition or reservation. But first of all, introspect that your love is not one side affair. It may be based on infatuation. If you feel that you can have lasting relationship, you should propose to her sincerely and meaningfully. She will respond you, if you have conviction in your love. You have also mentioned that you can leave anything for her. Your statement should be selfless and should not harm any other body in the long run. Introspect and act and search your soul and act what pleases the most.

You should, therefore, express your thought with utmost sincerity. God be with you.*

*To a person for whom we have love, we should not waste much time in expression of our thoughts. Care ought to be taken that while expressing, sincerity in our effort should never be lost sight of. We’ve to tell everything – our abilities or weaknesses, with an idea that humans cannot be without any weaknesses. Tall claims or tall talk may give us a momentary good feel but ultimately when these promises or claims are not substantiated practically then problem will start brewing, initially slowly and then become uncontrolled, leading to separation unfortunately. That is the consequence of our shortsightedness.





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  1. For a successful relationship between the couples, it is important that we understand each others’ needs and go all out in adjusting despite some weaknesses of each; thinking that as humans, we could also make some mistakes.

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