How do different people live differently and also what are the things we should take seriously in our life?

How do different people live differently and also what are the things we should take seriously in our life?

In life only this moment is ours which we can live according to our choice. The past is dead and future is uncertain. We come across many ups and downs – these are the paradoxes of our life, we’ve to live with. Everybody lives life according to his/her own karma. No two individuals are same in thought, action/deed, etc. Even the body we’ve been given differs in length, girth from our other fellow being. Its working too differs. Some are prone to diseases, others have a sound immune system. Way of speaking differs. Way to handle adverse situations differs. Life style differs. Then we take this life of ours most seriously. Despite all these uncertainties! Anything happening to us, anytime, anywhere is taken as if heaven has fallen down and we start impacting adversely not only our own self, physically and mentally, but also not let people around us too live peacefully.

Everyone has different taste and temperament. Even the experience that we’ve on the similar event differs. Some experience pain and others pleasure from the similar event! This seems strange but it is truth. Despite all the differences that we’ve and born with, similarities still exist. We breath the same air, take the same water, enjoy the same source of energy of sun, take food in order to have energy besides enjoying all the bounties that our Creator gives us. There cannot be any difference in these things as long as we live. Also, when a natural disaster visits us, we all experience the similar mental and physical pain.

Some live by their own means. Eke out a living by their personal efforts. They endure in whatever situations they are and come out with flying colour, even taking failures too in the same manner and successes. They live by the precepts enunciated in Bible: And endurance produces character, and character produces hope. These are God loving who respect others without caring for their own welfare. They are compassionate, feel pain while others feel so and are always ready to render a helping hand to assuage others’ feelings. In other words such people are the wealth of this planet. Common masses weep at their death and would immortalize their life’s journey through writing and other means. They are selfless and have connectivity with our Creator. They do not take themselves very seriously.

Contrarily, there are others who live on others’ – living a parasitic life. These greedy, selfish, with negative attitude ‘care fig for others’ wellbeing and while following this sort of life they feel pleasure while others suffer? Their life is centered around themselves – starts with them and ends with them. In other words, all the satanic traits are enmeshed in them. Bhadwad Gita describe such people as: A person with an impure mind who knows himself as the doer of all actions and do not consider the five factors, such an ignorant person does not know anything. They are, to say the least, cancer to the society and the people would like to forget them after their demise. Nobody wants to remember these God forsaken people. They are the people who love their own self; just selfish to the core besides take themselves very seriously.

Having known who is selfish, the one who takes himself/herself very serious and selfless who does not care for himself/herself, it is pertinent to know as to what and why we should take something other than ourselves, so seriously. Does anything change merely due to our thinking? It certainly will not and has not ever. If something contrary to our thinking happens, we just do not come out of it and keep on repeating times without number like an old film being repeated time and again. It should be remembered that failures could visit us anytime anywhere and we’ve to be prepared for it and learn lesson out of those; without forgetting that whatever has to happen cannot be avoided. Then, why we’ve to take everything so seriously? Whatever comes ought to be taken just joyfully or if it is a difficulty then has to be taken in our stride and faced with   and calmly. Good and bad incidences too will just pass. We should raise ourselves above all good or bad events.

Having said that, if triumphs and failures are not to be taken very seriously then what is to be taken so seriously? Nothing but God counts. His love counts. His bounties to us count. Everything else is a passing phase just impermanent. We ought not have much attachments with transitory things, we’ve to have our eternal attachment with our Creator/Bhagwan/Allaha/Akalpurakh or by whatever name you call Him. He is Omnipotent and Omniscient. Attachment with Him gives us eternal joy – having laugh, joyful living, loving compassion and opportunity for witnessing His love everywhere just counts. We ought not also to forget to thank Him for all that He has given us.






17 thoughts on “How do different people live differently and also what are the things we should take seriously in our life?

    1. Those who take themselves more seriously are the ones who do not know the purpose of their coming to this planet. The purpose was to show their compassionate nature which is inherent trait of a SOUL which is not apart from SUPER SOUL. Yet human thinks takes himself seriously by considering himself the doer – which in fact is the domain of our LORD. This ideas has to change.

      1. I know my purpose and I am learning to live the Bible, do my part and let The Lord to do the rest.

        Do not forget not to take Jesus’ grace and mercy for granted.

      2. That is the sagacious statement ever made ; Yes He is the ONE who could be relied upon and His grace and mercy could deliver us ever and leaves us never.

      3. My sincere thanks for your honest comments. I really appreciate your comments.

        But I am a person who never disagrees with anybody. I’m ever flexible especially on personal beliefs. My belief is that everybody enjoys his/her belief and nobody can and should enforce his/her ideas on others.

        With one thing I do not disagree and that is the grace of our Lord. He remains with us and will remain giving us assistance whenever we are in need of His graces. Amen.

      4. Thanks for respecting my beliefs. Glad that you do not enforce your ideas on others. Because there are those who tend to enforce their beliefs to me though I am silent.

      5. Beliefs are personal in nature. Not to speak of enforcing, I cannot even think of doing so with my own closest relations as I take everybody born with different sort of thinking and can profess any beliefs of their choice. Those who tend to do so, are the ones who are not satisfied from their own beliefs. To remain ‘silent’ in that case is the best course of action; as you tend to do. That is nice.

  1. The Creator only created God and Devil.

    In His scheme of things all- workers, shirkers, creators and parasites – have a role to play.

    Sometimes we understand sometimes we
    don’t and the Creation continues.
    His Scheme continues !!

    1. Our Creator is the creator of everything; with positive and negative traits. It is individualistic to choose what we want choosing and suffer the pangs of our Karmic deeds or misdeeds. And this scheme just continues. That is His mystic prowess.

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