Is it possible to have perfect balance in our life and how?


Whence every act we put our hand on, falters

Whence there is no insight

In what we really intend

And what is being actually done

Means there sure is some imbalance

Either in our thoughts

Or in execution of those thoughts

Or we are just confused in both

Weaving a web of doubts

Resulting in utter perplexity

A perfect balance is under the realm of possibility

When our thinking is in sync with our sincere deed

Setting a goal for every day without fail

If effort result in failure

A relook on effort could stimulate us to go ahead

Providing us a chance to succeed

Balance in thought & action thus is mystic key

Which could steer our tossing boat of life forward

Of course with ample graces of our Lord.


Is it possible to have perfect balance in our life and how?

Life is a web of contradictions. But who is the architecture of this web? We ourselves, are not we? These contradictions keep pestering us. We want to move in a particular direction but the situations keep pulling us in the opposite direction. With no balance, we move as the flow of situation take us. Having no control means facing hurdles at every step besides being directionless makes us fatalistic and ultimately bereft of any balance.


Truly speaking, life of ours is like a big zoo, different people, different traits and behaving differently and that too under a similar circumstance! There are the ones who have learnt to face the realities of life and there are the ones who hardly learn from mistakes. There are the people who take extreme right course and the others who take extreme left. But which one is suitable for a particular person depends on that person’s circumstances and intelligence to cope.

Some people fly off the tangent when they face hard realities of life while others just keep cool and make another sincere effort. Jesus Christ did not lose his composure when he was about to be crucified. He merely uttered: ‘Father forgive them, for they know what they do.’ Fact stands out all of us cannot be like Lord Jesus Christ but we’ve to have some semblance of self composure while amidst adverse situations.

But one thing is sure, we can seek the perfect balance by following a spiritual oriented life. At the altar of God, we can have a healthy balance. This spiritual oriented life should also be balanced between good deeds and prayers, meditations, contemplations. This could be meaningfully done through keeping balance between our duties (both towards our family and also for the society of which we are a part) and our rights. Prayers are right but we should make life our prayer in every way and every day. That balance will take us forward in every way – morally, ethically, physically and ultimately make us spiritually awakened individual.

Good deeds are the measure of our being compassionate to others – fulfilling the needs of others without an iota of mention about this. We should make our life as a prayer in every way – a most healthy balance between the thoughts, spirituality and good deeds. In doing so, we can spread the message of love, compassion, brotherhood while performing our duties variously. 


Every individual may have different sets of circumstances to cope but common thread in each one of them is the God who could come to our rescue if we maintain a balance in life. This balance could be attained by observance of the following aspects.-


  1. By earning our self Esteem. Self esteem is not acquired merely through tall talk. It has to be earned through persistent efforts. It is not through self patting but through proving our worth in thoughts and deeds with notion that we have to lose totally for gaining something in return. Here losing would be in the form of negative traits, in the form of anger, self-indulgence, bitterness towards others et al which we have acquired over a period of time and gaining the positive traits like empathy, selfless service, spreading the message of peace, forgetting and forgiving et al. Losing in could also be in material possession for others who need it more. Besides, if anything is to be lost truly, it is our ego. It is through the light of knowledge that we can destroy our baser thoughts and hence our ego. When we lose our ego, there is everything to gain and nothing to lose. Having rid ourselves from the ego, surrender is easiest and it is an easiest way to gain balance in our lives.


  1. Knowing and spreading Love. We all want to be loved. Who doesn’t want that? It is a panacea for all ills which are afflicting our societies. Lack of love for others is bedeviling our society. Even animals show more of love than humans do. I saw in this morning, example of true love; a female dog was feeding its four puppies besides protecting them from other dogs and naughty kids. Herd protective mentality of animals is another example of love and care for each one of them. But is it so in humans? We erect pointless boundaries around us based on petty considerations of religion, colour, caste etc. This too is against acquiring balance in our life.


  1. Balance between rights and duties. We talk much for our rights and less and less about our duties. We want to exercise the power of self expression but do we care if our self expression proves counterproductive for others? We’ve the right to keep our houses clean but it must not be by throwing the dirt outside our houses. Our rights stop when somebody privacy starts. Meaning our rights has some limit. A balance has to be acquired on this account.


  1. Balance between our Rhetoric and Actual Action (Karma). We’ve to have a a thorough balance what we tell others to follow and what we actually deliver. In whatever capacity we are functioning, if we perform the assigned task(s) sincerely and set an example for others to follow means we’ve achieved maximum. Our sermons would be of no consequence if we ourselves do not follow those practically.


  1. Setting goals. It is important that we set goals in our life. In that goal setting every day just counts. Disappointment arises when we fail to achieve goal during that day. We can reorient those goals. Having set those in different spheres, we can sub-divide these goals and allot time for each one according to their importance. In this too a balance works – to take success and failure in the same spirit.


  1. To be nice is good but to be sincere is the best quality. Sincerity in our day to day life can make a huge difference to us and to the people with who are dealing.


  1. Coming out of the defeatist attitude. Those who make effort do face failure sometimes but it is not that we may burn all our boats before any further try. Defeatist attitude have to be obliterated from our system. Here too balance in our efforts works.


  1. Good company. We’ve to keep good company in order to imbibe their positive habits and attitudes. Inspiration from our friends could give fillip to our efforts and even fuel synergy to these efforts for better results. A balance between give and take is required here for a sound relationship.


  1. Flexibility and adjustment to change. It has been experienced that those who are flexible in their day to day dealing and attitude can adjust in any environment whereas a person with pre-conceived mindset will face hurdle in every step. Balance in our dealings is thus a must.


  1. Our   contribution at home and work place etc. We’ve to ponder about various roles we play, as a member of the family, as a responsible member of the community in which a person is living, or our interaction in formal and informal institutions. There has to be a healthy balance in all the activities. It means over-stretching our roles will put unreasonable pressure on us and too much restricting ourselves will jeopardize our position with social implications. Having defined our role, we can act accordingly and also if we find that there is something lacking, we can improve upon that role and go ahead in life. It means just flexibility in roles is the crux.


  1. Knowledge base. We’ve to enhance our knowledge base for personal development. This should be development physically, mentally, socially, aesthetically, morally and above all financially. The last one is also important since it has got linkage with other roles. But a healthy balance in our efforts for acquiring tangible results will help.


  1. Meeting Requirements. We’ve myriads of needs which we’ve to meet in our life. These are to be mentioned in chronologically in the order of their importance and action from us to fulfill these. Here proper balance between our sincere effort besides meeting our social obligations is a must.


Finally, I am of the firm opinion that a healthy balance could be acquired in our life if there is convergence in our thinking and action provided that thinking and action thereof is beneficial for all; of course inclusive of the person concerned.


Spreading doses of light and love should be our main thrust rest all is a shadow boxing. This could be attained if we’re having perfect balance in life in all facets of lifes.


7 thoughts on “Is it possible to have perfect balance in our life and how?

  1. A perfect balance could be acquired if we have control over our mind besides our thoughts and actions are in sync. If so happens with practice and patience. But once it is done, we can be assured of peace of mind with our Lord’s grace.


  2. Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

    Perfect balance is not for me. I like imperfection just as I would always take the road less traveled.

    Bonne santé et bonne chance!

    1. My sincere thanks for enriching me. Positive and negative are two sides of the same coin. When you know much about negatives then sure enough you also know about the pitfalls that you’ve to surmount for coming out of those.

      ‘i LIKE IMPERFECTIONS’ your declaration shows that you’re a person who takes on challenges and have gumption to face them head on.

      I really appreciate your way of living only a few could only traverse the ‘road less traveled’. A sweet lesson for others, like me, indeed.


      1. Yes, you are correct each coin has two sides. I’ve tried the other roads but they did not go where I wanted/needed to be. Actually what many see as ‘imperfections’ I see as unique. I guess it’s all how you perceive it. Bonne santé et bonne chance! Léa

      2. One thing I appreciate, those who see opportunity in every diversity are the ones who face every challenge with fortitude. These like people are the strength of any society. Untrodden paths are hard to traverse initially but when you become accustomed to it all, you feel ease.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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