One of the World’s Most Prominent Nepali Communities Mobilizes After the Quake

I am obviously moved by the tragedy that has struck NEPAL. Nepalese are the most resilient people, sure enough, they will fight back this tragedy to. God come to the succour. It is badly required.


On Sunday, Urmila Ghale, a 27-year-old Nepali woman working in Hong Kong’s construction sector, had only a few minutes to answer a call from her injured brother. He relayed the news that five members of her family had died in Nepal’s Gurkha district, near the epicenter of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

Several other members of Ghale’s family in her remote village, Manbu, remain unaccounted for, as the area remains difficult to access. “There are no roads and no hospitals there,” Ghale tells TIME. “I’m just waiting for any information at all.”

Now Ghale, like many other members of the 2.2 million-strong Nepali diaspora, is scrambling to book a ticket home. Given that nearly half of all Nepali households send members to work overseas, expatriate Nepalis from the Middle East to East Asia have spent the past few days in a state of panic — most only able to get notifications from…

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