Borrow something from others to meet a need
It has to be paid back as we seek
On the time and terms agreed between parties
For it comes under the domain of natural justice
Or else, it’ll fall under the purview of payback dishonesty
And breach of solemn article of faith ultimately.

Paybacks of prayer are manifold
It rejuvenates our energy so jaded and faded
By the onslaughts of daily life’s routines
Thus eliminating stress that engulfs
And thus face life with utmost composure.

Payback for all forms of bad karma have to be endured
Which none has ever escaped
Not only in our present moment, in this birth
Now and here on this earth
Or thence in other birth
Time for this ‘payback’ is not predetermined
That it depends entirely on Cosmic system so mystical
Where there is no accident
Or coincidence while it delivers justice
It’s its own natural way of functioning.

Our righteous deeds in the form of honesty
Renunciation, compassion, charity
Besides austerity, simplicity and equanimity
Bring in its wake wholesome results finally
We’re paid back what we’ve given to the needy
By our most benevolent God
This truth should never be forgotten by us all.


When we borrow some money from any bank or from any individual (by agreeing on a legal papers etc), we’re constrained/duty bound to pay back that money with agreed rate of interest. If we are not able to recompense or meet the obligations to pay back this amount then we’re liable to be hauled before the court of law. It would also be considered as a breach of good faith attracting punishment. This is the pay back for not meeting a legal obligation.

Paying back could be in the form of services rendered; in kind or in cash or whatever is agreed to at the time of availing such services between parties concerned.


When our acts are not in conformity with the norms set by the society or break the law of the land, we are paid back or recompensed for our acts of omissions and commissions according to the gravity of the case in point. That is the recompense for our unpopular behavior.


This is applicable in case of politicians, who though promise moon to their voters in the elections but do not deliver on ground while there is time to deliver their promise. Such people become unpopular and get retributive returns for paying only lip sympathies. Electorates too teach such politicians a sweet lesson by not casting their votes in their favour when times comes.


When we compliment others, we are also respected or may be more than what we give others. We ought to teach our children the etiquette of paying respect to others because this is important for civilized behavior. Here responsibility lies with the parents initially and then schools and colleges.


It should never the forgotten that our misdemeanor will not bring us rewards but will get us retributive justice. If we get angry with others or show uncalled for arrogance, we would be paid in the manner we have given others. No less but may be even more.


Affection and sense of purpose are two components which a person requires especially so when he is in twilight of life. Now a days, the young people neither has inclination nor time to payback to their older members of household, may be due to their pre-occupation with their profession due to cut throat competition or due to other compulsion. Or they do not want to come to their succor on their own accord. All these lame excuses hardly mean that they should ignore their old parents!

A more congenial atmosphere too is required where old people feel protected and secure. They should feel emotionally and physically secure, cared for and respected while in oldage. Though medical science has made much headway in terms of longer lifespan, healthier and better living, yet it has not provided any solution which is needed for the aged and infirm to provide their physical and emotional security. The competition has increased manifold thus putting a spanner in the way for the care and protection of the older members.

It should never be forgotten that these are the very people who had given their everything to their offspring from their childhood onwards; for these are the very people who had provided every opportunity for the upward movement; in academic education, professional education for their career advancement etc for their children who now do not have time and resources for their aged parents! Now it is these people who require to be taken care of so that they feel wanted, cared for, happy, and feel complete secure. This is the payback which is required to be given to the old people. It is morally and ethically correct.

Previously there was joint family system in which the old parents were considered useful for giving advice as they were considered as the warehouses of knowledge, and looked after with awe and inspiration/respect. But presently they are considered as rigid, interfering, nuisance and burden by some. This is not the payback which these old people deserve.

SHRAVANKUMAR’S PARENTS STORY is an eye opener and a lesson for the youth. His parents named Shantva and his wife, Gyanvati were blind. It was later mentioned by one sage that if Shravan takes his parents to pilgrimage their eyesight would be restored. He decides to carry them in a palanquin carried by himself on his shoulders enduring sun, rain and other elements of nature. While he was on the last lap of his pilgrimage, he was killed by the king Dhshratha – a mistake which he repented later on. But one thing is certain, we’ve the stellar case of looking after the helpless parents!


Cosmic system works just perfectly – nothing is missed. There is a perfect mystery attached to it all. We transact our daily karma and get the pay back of our karma, sometimes on the spur/immediately, sometimes after sometimes in this birth itself or in some cases may be next birth. Presently, what we’re being paid back is the result of our past karma or acts done in the past life but we nurture the notion that we are the doers thus become egocentric in our life. Every act of ours is lucidly recorded and acted upon. Good karmic deeds earn us credit points and bad karmic deeds debit points.

We’ve always to keep in mind that whatever we give is paid back to us. Nishkama karma always pays.

Lord Jesus said: “If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”

Our good deeds through; sincerity in action, truthfulness, humbleness, quality of letting go, etc are handsomely rewarded / paid back by our Ishwara/Lord/Creator.

Lord Krishna said to Arjuna to cultivate the divine virtues : Fearlessness, purity of the inner psyche, perseverance in the yoga of Self-knowledge, charity, sense-restraint, sacrifice, study of the scriptures, austerity, …… modesty, absence of fickleness, splendor, forgiveness, fortitude, cleanliness, absence of malice, and absence of pride.

Importantly, little wonder then, no one has ever escaped from the paybacks of karma – not even Lord Krishana; the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the preserver of the universe! When the war between Pandavas and Kauravas ended, Gandhari cursed him with death of Yadavas; insinuating that the war and the consequent slaughter could have been averted if Krishna wanted. Krishna accepts the ‘payback’ and it happens so ultimately; though she conveniently forgets that Lord Krishna did everything to dissuade Kaurvas from following evil path but in vain.


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