Humans and the traits

Which we possess

Are due to the umpteenth

Experiences we gain

From childhood onwards

The upbringing we’re given

Impacts later part of our life

What we want to acquire

What we want to leave untouched

Solely depends on our value system

That we’ve gained from our parents,

Our friends and our environs

Formulate our sub-conscious attitude

Besides our behavior patterns

And enrich our inner voice

And become high in pure conscious

Related to inner and outer consciousness

Which enhances our sixth sense

Which is the result of our cumulative

Experiences that we undergo during our lifetime

Are etched in our subconscious

And proves its worth to us

When crunch time comes

Wards off the negative thoughts

Which stops maligning our character

And prevents a person from falling

Into the path of self destruction

And help maintain self esteem.

Self analysis also helps

To prevent us from playing victim on every failure

That we face in our life

Due to lack of confidence

And experience.

Self analysis also helps us optimally

Unravel our feelings factually

And devise measures

To bridge the gaps which prevail.

It is a tool to provide us sufficient willpower

To tap our inner potentials

To face the challenges of our lives

With head held high with our Lords graces.


Self analysis is a systematic attempt by an individual to understand his or her own personality without the aid of another person. We have to set a time table for self reflection or self assessment and devise measures so that corrective steps are initiated for rectification of the loopholes found.  This exercise could be done everyday, every week or every month suiting the individual concerned.

Self appraisal is also an honest attempt to know as to what sort of a personality an individual is presently and what ought to be in real sense of terms in the light of given situation and requirements. It ought condition being, it should be done without others’ assistance.  As we march ahead in time and space, there should always be change in our outlook and this could only be possible if we know as to what is lacking in us and what are our strong points. Pertinent to mention here that while doing so, we should leave all the confines of egocentric tendencies dormant in us which are becoming impediment in our all round progress and adding to our karma credit account.

Factually, we have to make systematic efforts  so that we enrich our body, mind and soul in whatever positive way we can.  Actually while  doing  analysis of ourselves, we should endeavour that show off for material prosperity and other ego giving parameters should not impede our furher march on spiritual plane and other aspects. Self appraisal should be done with utmost sincerity because purpose of this exercise is to ensure cleanse ourselve holistically – body, mind and soul and not be construed as a ritual and become a formality.

While doing this exercise, true purpose of our existence should never be forgotten.  From childhood onwards, each day spent  should provide us experience and we should learn lessons to be made applicable for us.  All the experiences that we undergo in our lives (good and not so good) provide us immense help in guiding us. The experiences also help us to gain impetus in our sixth sense – a silent power or extrasensory perception. This way our inner voice becomes stronger than what we hear from outside.

The sixth sense could do wonderful things in our lives. This was proved right by yesterday’s incident. In the morning hours, as i was going for my duties, i found a boy of about 5 years crying and runnig. He was about to reach the main road where there was too much of vehiular traffic, i ran after him, caught him and asked him about his parents. He simply pointed his fingers towards the opposite building – presently being used as a public toilet cum bathing place.  I picked up the boy, took him to the building he had pointed out. I contacted the incharge and enquired whether somebody had come there for the nature’s call. He checked and told me that nobody had come there. After waiting for about 15 minutes, i rang up the police so that the boy could be restored to the parents. I thought, there was also a school opposite. The boy could be from this school. I called the teachers and found to my surprise that that boy was the student of the school – just adjoining the place i was with that boy.  The boy’s parents were called and matter was also settled with the assistance of police. Question now arises, i had left the boy, as others around me had done then what would have happened? God knows what could have happened. Anybody could make intelligent guess – may be that boy must have lost for good. It was merely an inner voice which promted me to act the way i did. God is really great. The joy it gave me was obviously cannot be explained in words – really.

Not making sincere analysis of ourselves means living a robotic or mechanical life. Just pre-occupied with nitty-gritty of daily chores  which are transacted from morning to evening just automatically – eating drinking, making merry and nothing else. The way of eternal happiness or permanent joy and how to seek it never crosses our mind.  Due to lack of self analysis, we just start behaving like machines.

We ought to anayse what we have achieved and what is to be achieved in the days to come. What we have missed and how to retrieve all these for our overall progress bereft of any stress on our system.  Besides we become judgemental about others and become self righteous.  How best to eradicate these negative thoughts and make efforts to live god oriented life depends on us only. Nobody else can contribute much for us.

It should never be forgotten that we are the product of our  heredity and the environmet we are living.  Not only the present life and the environment in which we are brought up the past life’s karma too play their part in our lives.  Apart from this, we have observed that one of the child in the family may not like the profession being followed by others or the line the family want him/her to follow because of past karmic credit or due to reincarnation affect. It should never be forgotten that every individual in the family is distinct and have distinct traits despite biological  similarities.

Self appraisal helps to undo whatever transgressions we have intentionally or unintentionally. It should always be remembered that we sometimes do un unintestinally or still worse sometimes intentionally. Can this be undone? With determination and with resolute will, this could be done. We know how saint valmiki  (the author of epic Ramayana) changed himself. He pursued a sinful life. He looted people and fed his family from the loot he accumulated. Once he met Rishi Naradhji who asked Valmiki whether his family would partake the sin he was committing. He went to his home; asked his parents and his wife, who, without minecing any words told him that being a son and a husband it was his duty to feed them. They are not responsible for the sins he was doing.

When we analyse ourselves, we  surely will have a desire to change ourselves. Our shortcomings should not deter us from pursuing the course correction.  Being humans, we are having shortcomings and those shortcomings should be removed.

To conclude, it could be surmised that self analysis is a tool which straightens our resolve in solving the problems of our life by analyzing our weaknesses and strength and work towards eradicating the weaknesses slowly but surely. God may help us remove the obstacles and make our journey of our life smooth.




  1. We humans are subject to change. This could be done simply by analysing ourselves and make an honest effort to know our good and not so good points and try refining ourselves accordingly. Do go through the blog and offer your kind comments. i love your comments. Regards

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