While externally we are attached with
The nitty-gritty of outside world
Attachment of which is temporary
Focused for the time being only

Based on our experiences which we undergo
And function according to the mind’s bidding
By the use of five senses, as required
Sometimes remaining attached

Other times detached

From the fruits of thoughts and actions
Thus remaining subjective to the extraneous influences.

But inner world of ours is a permanent one
Everything about this world is innocently and sacredly oriented
It is all encompassing in every respects
Suffused with conscious, semi-consciousness

And highest self – the non-conscious thoughts
Purpose is to expand our awareness related to heart and then beyond it all

Reflected in our own Chakra system of our own creation
A pathway between us and the outside world of Providence Creation
Thus establishing the highest frequency of consciousness
Depending on the sincerity we adopt in meditation
Besides positive thinking and creative passion
To realize the enormous potential
Of our inner potential and potencies
Come out due to our personal initiatives
Meaning our inner being is our personal connection
With our Omnipotent and Omniscient One
Thus we establish our connectivity with our Creator
Thus realize dormant and subtle energy
In the form of telepathy

Thus helping us in communicating with each other

While living apart from each other

Thence gain the internal power of intuition
So we’re able to reveal the past history of the objects with this acquired potencies
including the subtlest energies flowing from substances
This way getting eternal happiness from the true potentials

All these mystic powers are acquired by delving deep into our system
Through Meditation and Following Positive Life Path systematically
The more we listen to our inner voice through intuition

The more we cement our Lord’s relationship
Thus are able to get equanimity

At all the times and opportunity.


One thought on “INNER SELF

  1. It has been experience that ll our festering problems are due to not knowing much about our INNER BEING. By living on the external experiences, we just live a life based on temporary expressions and impressions away from innate / eternal Joy.

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