One who works within the boundaries of some standard morality, remains upright in words and deeds, adopts even handedness while dealing with others besides being virtuous beyond any stretch of imagination is known as righteous person. Such person’s philosophy in life is based on Karma Yoga and the person concerned is a true Yogi in real sense of terms. His thoughts and deeds are fundamentally verifiable based on truth in time and space which speak for themselves. The person concerned need not offer expositions/explanations for the same. Besides, as he goes about in life performing various functions in life, he does not forget his limits. This far and no further is his policy in life. For such person, crossing limit means crossing the maximum limits of decency or resorting to ill-mannered demeanor.


Fact is that a righteous person does everything in association with God’s will hence is always virtuous – beyond suspicion. King Harishchandra of Suryavanshi dynasty was known for his righteousness, so much so that in order to uphold this virtue, he even kept his family into bondage when circumstances forced him to do so thus upheld the trait of virtuousness. When we talk about wisdom, honesty, farsightedness and righteousness we talk about this King Harishchandra.


Also, a person who is upright in his karma feels righteous indignation whenever he is not able to prevent an unethical karmic deed being perpetrated on others in his presence. This indignation, sometimes leads to untoward incident or worse still, it could result in create differences in the relationship or still worse, may result in break in relationship or interactions.


Before going into the positivity contained in the word righteousness, it would be essential to first understand its antonym (wickedness) . To have a clean slate, one has to consciously aspire for it, have a clean image, have to have self esteem besides upholding others’. Here perfunctory ideals will not count, ideals have to be practiced in real life. Even a single black dot on the clean white slate of our character gets ruined. Be that as it may, others may or may not be able to decipher that but the individual concerned knows full well the existence of such black spot and when we lose our own self esteem, we lose much.

The single most reason which prompted me to write on RIGHTEOUSNESS was when I came to know about perpetration of unethical and immoralistic act with his own very close female relative! I felt completely shaken when that person sobbingly related the unprincipled and unprintable act done by her own partner. I prayed to God for bestowing her peace, after I recovered from the initial shock. O my Lord, do rid this world off people of this evil nature. Even wickedness of Mahabharta infamy Sukni, will squirm after listening such incidence. This was my state, anybody can guess the condition of the hapless who withstood the gruesome incident. Some may say animal like inhuman act, but I say, even the animals will not stoop so low. Also, there is a lesson for those who make others’ life virtual hell; such people should always have realization that they will have to face the music on the JUDGEMENT DAY after their demise!

The Government of India’s policy of demonitisation has brought home many incidents giving us the insight of human psychology. To be righteous is not confined to a single individual. It could be related to group of people. I was aghast with astonishment after viewing a news item: A person who had a massive heart attack while waiting for his turn in the queue for cashing a cheque. He had fallen on the ground and remained there, but alas, nobody from the queue came to his succor and he was declared dead when he was finally taken to hospital by his own relatives! Many of us will call this act of not helping the victim as unethical but I shall call this act as inhuman or depraved act or whatever adjective one may like to give for such a person.


It has been observed that those are ruling us are power seekers, manipulative, selfcentred although with some exception. This has been going on since long. Some go all out in pursuit of power is really unrighteous.


Contrarily, people who are good or just and gracious in their behavior despite hurdles are the ones very dear not only to their own society but also to the Creator – Who takes pride for such creations. Such people spread their fragrance far and wide being above board in sincerity, obey the laws of land and respect the laws of Mother Nature.

In Bhagwad Gita it has been mentioned: One should not think that the Supreme Lord is biased against the wicked for it is not so, He being equal to all, chastises them in the same way a father chastises his son while raising him as a necessary action to insure his proper development.

It has also been mentioned in Bhagwad Gita that: Supreme Lord incarnates from time to time on particular occasions, when the evil exceeds its limit, for the annihilation of the sinful and evil and for the protection of the righteous and virtuous.

Righteousness is one of the chief attributes of God as portrayed in the Bible. Its chief meaning concerns ethical conduct.

When we resort to ethical conduct, by meeting the needs of others through donation from which we do not have hope of reciprocation, give someone due or undue complement to make his day pleasant.

To have righteous conduct, it is essential to go through different phases of life based on the following:-

  • To remain fully conscious of our weaknesses and try to improve with each passing day.
  • Having total and unflinching faith on God’s existence.
  • Be compassionate towards others’ at all times.
  • Promises are to made to be kept.
  • To remain aware how we act or react in accordance to the need of the hour while endeavoring to remain positive.
  • Should not be provoked by any untoward incident.
  • Our past experiences should become our beacon of light.
  • Remain in equanimity in weal and woe.

To be just and gracious are the traits which pull us up from any situations in which we are placed therefore beneficial not only morally, ethically and spiritually but also gives personal satisfaction to the person concerned to follow inspirational life which everyone of us would like to follow.




  1. A person who is righteous are the gems created by our Creator for the benefit of the common masses like us. Kindly go through the write up and offer your kind comments. These comments motivate me immensely. Regards

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