Patience is a state of being when we  tolerate other unethical attitudes and behavior coolly, when no situation or no irritant can affect us, when no pain or suffering could adversely impact our equanimity, when we do not feel angry on others irritating demeanor, etc. Besides, it is a condition when we do not complain others’ provocations but face the facts squarely. Patience despite irritants is a proof of patience.


It should always be remembered that patience springs from our inner being. It is not an external show of self-control but in actual practice it is not so when tested on ground. We must have seen some people feeling restless on silliest pretext and make spectacle of themselves in front of others. 


We can imagine the predicament how impatience works while one is provoked by as flimsy ground due to sudden grazing of two vehicles  in the traffic jam and resultant flare up leading to even deaths due to one firing the other occupant! There are so many instances when we go lose our patience and in anger do something which may lead to unpredictable consequences.


We know what can impatience can result. At times, it could not only result in loss of face but worst of it all, could prove to be fatal if the other party too behave impatiently. There are the cases where people have lost their lives on petty and inconsequential matters.


Experience is a guide to prove that those people who work for the welfare of the general populace, including politicians,  should have sufficient reserve of patience, tolerance, perseverance and willpower to work hard to come to the expectations of the general masses for which they are working.

I had the personal experience in this context a few days back. I had gone to meet our Area Councilor, for lodging a complaint related to a civic matter for propagating the idea of Swachh Bharat. Unfortunately, the concerned Area Councilor had gone to meet some other commitment in the other locality. I observed that a young man (named Mr. Paras Chopra – the son of the Area Councilor) was entrusted with the responsibilities of solving the civil/general public related issues viz, pension to the aged and infirm, register different complaints of public and order on the spot instantly for solution / deliverance.   

I was obviously impressed by this young man’s tenacity in handling / attending to different complaints besides contacting different officials for fructifying their different tasks. It was about 1:30 PM, I learnt that he so much so he was engrossed in his duties that he had not taken even his breakfast! He attended my complaint, ordered the concerned person to look after the complaint. Low and behold, the person concerned reached the spot before I reached the spot! Praiseworthy indeed! The amount of patience and persistence along with tenacity he exhibited was obviously laudable. I appreciate his patience and am very sure that he will reach a pinnacle of success; while rendering help to the general masses. Two hoots for this young man. India needs such young blood for rendering welfare measures. If we nurture such young men they will grow to be proficient personalities who are compassionate and patiently and persistently handle public related welfare measures.


It has also been experienced that while teaching our children the importance of value system, the parents have to follow nitty-gritty of cool composure and tolerant attitude; leaving annoyance in the back-burner of our mind. It is because what the parents transfer to their offspring counts a lot. Parents are the first Gurus of their children and It should always be remembered by the parents that giving quality time to their progeny with patience and persistence becomes a first step in shaping the destinies of their children. They should try their best to instill patience and other related value systems in their children.


We also must have observed the people losing themselves while negotiating an important deal in business sphere, where cool temperament could go a long way, slightest impatience could impair the smooth clinching of negotiations and may prove counterproductive.


Then in our schools, the teachers have to show exemplary patience with their students who are slow learners. There are students who learn very fast, there are ones who require some prodding for their studies while there are ones who require considerably more time and attention to make them understand the topic to be taught. Here the teachers have to have adequate patience, persistence along with honest efforts to make them study and make it possible to make them at par with intelligent  students.


As in this age group there is a lot of impatience and and irritation at any sorts of provocation, the youth are to be trained to face hardships and come out unscathed. Patience is the state of endurance or tolerance under stressful situations and circumstances. The youth of today have to be trained to act despite When provocations to this age group do not deter the youth from making this age group steadfast, possessing forbearance when under umlauting circumstances.


The youth is a period when there is prevalence of impatience in whatever they want to perform, to do something spectacular, liveliness, they showcase a lot of excitement in whatever they do, exhibit the traits of fearlessness despite some hurdles etc. This is also an age when there is also prevalence of defiance. But one common meeting point is that in this age they are full of energy. Need is to adopt ways and means to channel in the right direction for getting maximum benefits. The latent energy in the youth should be utilized for productive pursuits rather than destructive ones.

HOLY  QURAN PROCLAIMS: Seek Allah’s help with patient perseverance and prayer. It is indeed hard except for those who are humble.


It has also been said that at this age, generally, the youth are reactionary in nature; reasonably or unreasonably sometimes. Given this point, our emphasis should to know and understand them fully and visit different options in order to reorient their attitude to play a more positive and constructive role as a student first, learner and a good citizen who has to shoulder the multiple responsibilities after his youth stage is over.

There may be initial hiccups or drawbacks but with since and best efforts youth could contribute not only for their growth and development but also set an example for others around.

In one of the forums, when I persisted that we can conveniently persuade this age group people to contribute positively not only for themselves but also for others around. One of the gentlemen was skeptical about change in frame of mind of the youth of the day because of his experience posed me two questions:   viz: 1. what makes you so sure that the advice given by you is right. 2. How do you know that your advice is even wanted?  To which I replied:

 I am of the view that if we make concerted and sincere efforts to understand the youth fully, including the environment in which they are living, we can make huge difference for their all round growth and development.  As older members of the society, we  may differ in our views based purely on the experiences gained over the years with youth. But one meeting point is that in this age persons concerned are full of energy; but this energy has to be channeled in the right direction for getting maximum benefit. There may be initial drawbacks but with best efforts youth could contribute not only for their growth and development but also be an example for others round. Now, coming to your questions:

 Second question: As far as the question of my advice being wanted or no? Although this is a hypothetical in nature yet, I can say with conviction that we have to first understand the environment in which the target youth are living including other particular problems faced by the group. Know these, gives us cursory overview. One can be in the category of ‘wanted’ , if we are sympathetic to the needs and also one has to have magnetic force in the person concerned. If I say that I’ve changed youth, but in my life while working in educational institutions, I have taken care of this age group and they have willingly come to discuss their problems and with God’s grace things worked out fine.

HOLY BIBLE SAYS: The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.


Given that the youth is a period when they feel impatience and  annoyance at slightest provocation, it is   important that their latent energies are utilized in right direction. For this, they should be inspired for following a spiritual oriented life means to follow a life with or without religious orientation but with full conscious of  purity in knowledge, purity in thoughts and actions without any fear, purity in perception, purity in desire, with compassion for others etc. In other words, whatever path they follow, they follow truthfully, without any inhibition, with positive attitude, with a sense of sacrifice, giving without any expectations, performing our duties with enthusiasm and also contributing holistically for upliftment of body, mind and soul and enduring peace and re-formation of life.

BHAGWAD GITA TELL US: Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that there are three modes of the material nature; goodness, passion and ignorance, become self realized, possess pure spiritual consciousness and perseverance and patience.






























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