When we malign someone

in the absence

of the individual concerned

with an intention

to gain brownie points

of which we’re eligible not

Indeed perversely

on the plank of tricks

motive is to hoodwink

with utter deceit

of back-stab from the rear

at every possible stride

to take centre-stage

by default and craftiness

this is a destructive sin

which is caused

solely due to

the ego of the doer

with an attitude

come what may

which eventually

will soil the soul

and prove fruitless.



Backbiting is an act of slandering someone in his/her absence, not giving an opportunity to check the veracity of the insult, so inflicted. In essence, by doing so, their egocentric tendencies have taken possession of their rationality. In order to placate their ego, they resort to character assassination of those persons whom they consider as their future competitors or challengers.  Such people  are deceptive, therefore, full of arrogance as their rational thinking has been under shroud.


The idea of writing came to my mind when I overheard one of our colleagues backbiting against one of the fellow employees for not doing his duties with the organizational head (OH). While the OH had the bad trait of not making the reality check about the allegation so made. One of the best course of action for the OH could have been to check the accuracy of the controversial point and then proceeded against the employee but this was not done and thus an innocent was penalized for no fault. These like sordid happenings generally take place at the time of filing Appraisal Reports, formation of panel for promotion etc.

Yesterday, while some ladies were having Satsang (congregation) in the praise of Almighty God in a temple in our locality. There seemed to be presence of divine-sacredness all around the environs. After Arti (final prayer), we prayed for His bountiful blessings for all. I felt stunned when some Bhaktas amongst ladies started criticizing one of ladies in her absence. What is the futility of such Bhakti (worship) to the Bhaktas (worshipers) if after the prayers, backbiting for anyone is resorted to! I opine, the credit Karma garnered through prayers is converted into debit Karma if and when backbiting is done in the absence of a person concerned.

For instance, we know what was the consequence of backbiting by Shakuni in Mababharta. His arrogance and ill-conceived advice to Dharyodana turned him against the Pandavas. Consequently, it lead to battle between Pandavas and Kaurvas in which there was death and destruction.

Besides those people fall in the same category (backbiters) as the ones who gave false testimony against Jesus Christ but all were inconsistent.


This sort of thinking could be rampant anywhere and everywhere – in family or in any organization one is working, This could happen in our families, neighbourhood, societies, in the formal and informal institutions etc. Backbiting is a destructive sin which adversely effects the lives of those against whom it has been directed. Backbiting amounts to character assassination and is considered as a vicious one.

By so doing, the backbiter is attacking somebody’s self-esteem, the person concerned also goes counter to the natural justice. Since backbiting is used as a secret weapon for personal gain, it is abhorrent, spiteful, unethical and a most destructive sin.  This could be resorted to in family, in neighbourhood, in the society or between the countries concerned.

In Holy Bible, backbiting has been mentioned as: Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, him I will destroy; No one who has a haughty look and an arrogant heart will I endure.

Essentially, backbiting is to malign somebody when that particular person  is absent in order to present a cogent defence. Those who backbite on any pretext are most insecure in real sense of terms. Such people resort to backbiting in order to placate their ego. They resort to character assassination against the persons they consider them as their competitors and challengers. It goes to show that backbiting could be due to envy/jealousy. Meaning when backbiting occurs, it goes to show that level-hotheadedness or rationality has been the casualty.

According to Bhagvad Geeta, If a person commits a sin as an instrument of karma then He/she has to suffer for this karma.

Backbiting could prove to be counterproductive in respect of the following:-

How best this backbiting could be obliterated:-

  • Removal of egocentric tendencies. Under the influence of ego, we tend to act irrationally. Our effort should be to rein in our mind and not act in irrational manner by backbiting others in their absence.
  • Adoption of balanced mentality. Thought based on reason encourages rationality based precepts makes the person concerned understanding all the contentious points. This way, such person will thereafter act positively and desist from backbiting.
  •  Dissensions in the family.  We must have observed what consequences backbiting could result if any member of the family backbites against each other. As secrecy is attached with backbiting, it is paramount that all the differences should be sorted out on the basis of give and take and not allow the matters to simmer. In Holy Quran it has been mentioned: Allah Teaches Us to Speak Out Against Slander and Try to Put a Stop to It.
  • Lack of goodwill in workplace. The head of an organization should conduct the reality check when somebody backbites against other staff member. If it is not done then goodwill in the family would be spoiled. In Buddhism, it has been rightly said that backbiting goes against the ideal of right speech.
  • Spoils the sacredness of the soul. By belittling or defaming others, we are actually committing a sin which destroys the sacredness of our soul thus we add more karmic debt which we are constrained to suffer in this birth itself or in other birth (if there is one).
  • Sometime our backbite may backfire. As backbiting is done in the absence of the person against whom it is directed, if veracity of the contentious points are checked threadbare, it may the boomerang on the backbiter.
  • A righteous and self confident person will not resort to backbiting.. When we are having inferior complex and want to excel through backdoor, the backbiting is construed as the only course for the shortsighted person. As far as possible, a person brimming with confidence and knowledge will not stoop so low as to backbite for reaching the intended goal.
  • We ought to form our opinion on the basis of our experience. We should form our opinion on the basis of our experience with the people concerned, even after somebody backbites against the person concerned. A firm opinion should only be formed after verifying pros and cons concerning the matter.




  1. Backbiting is synonymous with back-stabbing someone; it is hugely destructive and dangerous for body and soul. Do appraise the blog and kindly offer your comments. I love your comments.

  2. I don’t know why people used to do that? They all are already awared that this is not good but still they keeps it. These are real stupid. After knowing everything, they still do it. This is the lack of clear concept that they have in their mind. It should be stopped. This should be avoided before ot becomes fatal for them. They should atleast think whenever they feel tempted to say something bad against someone, remember that by doing that, you become worse than them and you fill your heart with sins and lose your good deeds. This way may help them. Rest is depend on them….they will bear the fruit of this action.

    1. First of all thanks a lot for your invaluable comments Raaji. Fact remains, we as humans, sometimes, have the tendency of browbeating others and want to excel without sincere hard-work. This trait of backbiting becomes our undoing ultimately when we have to reap the harvest of our negative KARMIC DEEDS.

  3. I should really admire your thoughts that you observed it. After observing, you shared with us. Great, it shows you’re a deep thinker. Nice !! Keep it and stay blessed. You’re elder than me, keep us updated with such good deeds through your ideas. We will really accept your experience of life and art of living. I don’t know what to say…whatever mind said, i stated. Appologies if i write something wrong. Thank you !

    1. Thanks really. In real life, I minutely observe people and, if and when required, imbibe their good traits and when I do not like something, I do pen them so that my friends and may not emulate such negative traits. My book captioned INNER THOUGHTS would be in the market next month, with the grace of GOD. Do read that. It is based on my experiences with the general masses I come across.

  4. Reuben

    Good post. It was worth spending time reading it and being reminded about this trait which just creeps in quietly into our daily lives and by the time we detect it, it’s often too late as the damage has been done and we cannot take our statements back. A ‘high integrity’ habit to develop (for me personally) would be to ‘not say anything negative about someone who is not present in the room’. If I must say something about a third person, it must be good, uplifting and encouraging. If the thought does not meet these conditions, then why give it life by speaking it out aloud? This requires self awareness, which in itself is a very worthwhile character trait to develop and hone.
    Thank you for writing this one and for following my blog.

    1. Thanks sincerely for appraising the blog and giving your invaluable comments. Whenever realisation comes for anything, that is the time when we start refining our negative trait. Then it becomes a habit. If anything is to be done, it is appreciation of someone who is not present that is counted and a positive one. Thanks again for giving your views on the write-up.

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