What are the grudges that we generate in our life and how best we can lead a happy life? (As asked by someone).

What are the grudges that we generate in our life and how best we can lead a happy life? (As asked by someone).

It should always be remembered that in life, ups and downs are always there. If experience is any guide, I can say with certainty that difficult moments teach us more lessons than the appropriate situations. Need is to remain positive despite hurdles with the idea; ‘this will also pass’ as nothing remains stuck. Also, we should have belief that ‘time is a great healer’. Day follows night and then day, nothing remains static. Remaining cool even in seething temperature is the only way out.

As far as grudge free life is concerned, it should always be kept in mind that if you keep grudges in your mind-slate, it will give pain. This pain will never let us have sound sleep. These grudges will remain pestering us and will retard our developmental story in any field of activity,


Grudges are nudges between the individuals, so raucous  

Or group of individuals not agreeing on certain thought processes

Which keep us wrapped-up in controversies so unnecessary

And won’t let us have freedom to wriggle out of these

Thus keeping us in the cocoon or shell of our own creation

And prevent us enjoying the Nature which beckons us

To come to her lap

And enjoy her bounties – in abundance

But we are always busy in our world of our own making

Suffusing with ill-will and bitterness so seething

Cycle of action and reaction thereto continues unabated

Through our own thoughts and actions

Creating more animosities amongst us

This bitterness turns into resentment ultimately

Of highest proportion we can ever imagine

Making us immobile or mutes like inanimate things  

A feeling which is the mother of disagreement

Between the people of all hues

Attacks our relationship with its negative germs

Never letting people to integrate

Till the seed of grudge remains sprouting in our mind so infertile

And does not allow us to think and act freely

Grudges give birth to negativity

Which retard further movement of our life’s development story

And comes in our way to take life

Head – on with confidence and with flamboyant style.

So, grudges should be buried

Deep in the earth’s bosom

So that these negative traits so very harmful

 Should never make a chance visit to us and spoil our day.

Now coming to ‘happy life’; when we are happy, we have the following feelings in our life:-

  • Lead a spiritual oriented life. Spiritual orientation in life means we remain doing our duties with sincerity, honestly and with positive frame of mind. We do not do anything which may harm others while following your own religious belief. In other words, we remain positive in our thoughts and Karmic action and leave the results of our action to God. If you have performed well, results will always be good. Just be detached from the fruits of your action. This way, most of your problems will evaporate in the thin air.
  • Satisfied with what we have. We are happy when we are satisfied with what we possess. It is not that you should not have higher aspirations. Yes you should and should work sincerely for that but it should not be be-all-and-end-all if the outcome is not in your favour.
  • Whatever happens happens for our good and what will not happen will also be good for us. It should be our motto, to have the idea that in the scheme of things what is happening should be taken as good for and what will not happen for us, means it is not destined for us. Bhagwad Gita proclaims thus and should always be kept in mind.
  • Limited needs. If we have limited needs, these needs could be made good easily and without any stress and strain but when we have astronomical needs which cannot be fulfilled with the resources we are having then it would be a source of anxiety for us and this way we cannot be ever happy.
  • No comparison. We should never ever compare ourselves with other as far as worldly possessions are concerned. It should never be forgotten that our economic status and other considerations are different and we should always remain sticking – not that we should not make honest and sincere efforts in enhancing our potentials for deliverables and then adjust accordingly.
  • Acceptance for the thing you cannot change. When we have attained a level in career ladder or in status, we should not have grudge. Change is the Mantra we can have with our sincere efforts, but if it does not happen, we should not create physiological and psychological related stresses and strains. This way, we shall be putting nails on our own coffin – hard words yet it is true.
  • There is a balance in our life. When we have no grudges or regrets towards anyone, we lead a balance life full of eternal joy in both joy and sorrow.

5 thoughts on “What are the grudges that we generate in our life and how best we can lead a happy life? (As asked by someone).

  1. Life in fact is not a bed of roses. There are thorns too i.e. good and bad are part and parcel of our life and we have to make adjustment accordingly. How best and how quick we can do so depends on us only. We ought to be positive in our effort and not be swayed by any negativity which may come sometimes.

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  2. A friend told me that holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person gets sick from it. Admittedly, I hold grudges against people. This is something I have been trying to address. It is easy to hold a grudge against someone. Not so easy to learn to let go.

    1. I take holding a grudge against somebody not only harmful for the individual concerned but also the person for whom we are holding the same. I am of the view that reason for grudges, if any, have to be addressed at its inception stage itself.

      Thank you so very much for your invaluable comments.


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