In essence, we make pacts or planning for future, paradoxically, on the edifice of our past events without realizing that we shall not be visiting again the days gone-by. Factually, what happened or did not happen cannot be changed now. Past events should not haunt us. It is unreal. Only today, the present moment that we are living now is real.

Similarly, the future, on which we rely profusely, too is illusory or not real. It may come or not, we cannot say for sure. Therefore, only that which is sure is present, ONLY TODAY which we are living is real and cherish. We should thank God that He has given the opportunity of living this day. This moment is mine and every other time; pas which is gone and future is tentative – laced in uncertainty.  

While we make planning for future, for coming days, the execution of that planning virtually rests on the day we are living, now presently. Hence TODAY makes a huge difference in everything we transact or do not intend to transact.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem; ONLY FOR TODAY giving the significance of today which we shall not encounter in any other day. It is presently now at this moment only.



Only for today I shall cherish and live happily the present moment

Only for today I shall not live in the dead past or think of future which is uncertain

Only for today I shall remain happy despite pinprick felt

Only for today I shall help somebody stand on his/her feet

Only for today I will forget and forgive others’ misdemeanors

Only for today I shall thank God for giving me everything that I require

Only for today I shall remain humble

Only for today I shall exploit my inner strength

Only for today I shall not think negative

Only for today I shall pray God to give me strength to change what I could not

Only for today I shall remain incharge of what I want to do or do not want

Only for today I shall avail every opportunity that comes my way

Only for today I shall love amazing opportunities to reform myself

Only for today I shall work in association with my God

Only for today I shall thank God for everything that He has graced.

Only for today I shall show loving care for everybody I come across

Only for today I shall follow the wisdom given in scriptures

Only for today I shall have the confidence of facing anything

Only for today I shall not fear anything or anybody

Only for today I shall be courageous to withstand any hurdles which comes my way

Only for today I shall not have even a touch of egocentric tendency

Only for today I shall live spirally

Only for today I shall be happier than I was in past

Only for today I shall consider myself as worthy of love

Only for today I shall holistically improve myself

Only for today I shall spread smiles

Only for today I shall have immense belief on me and my Creator

Only for today I shall create pleasant environment wherever I set foot

Only for today I shall have cooperation and coordination with all and sundry

Only for today I shall not be swayed by others’ irrational and unreasonable criticism

Only for today I shall come to the succor of others

Only for today I shall pray for peaceful co-existence

It is because past is dead and future is uncertain

Today is my own I shall not barter it for anything.





25 thoughts on “ON BEING REAL

  1. As humans, we remain in delusion. We plan for future but never see that it is uncertain. We also rely on past which is dead.

    Kindly go through the write-up and commend. I REALLY LOVE YOUR COMMENTS.


    1. Thanks a million for sharing the video which I had not viewed before. The poem was penned down after I met a friend of mine who was down with psy related depression due to mental blocks such as thinking more about past events and unpredictable future.

      Thanks for sharing a most impressive video.


  2. Thanks, dear Harbans 🙂

    You have written your poem with the ink of your heart and everything that is of importance is expressed to do in the moment or in the day. Life and consciousness is in the moment and the moment gets alive when putting our attention into it.

    Thanks for sharing my friend – good job again!
    From heart to heart

    1. Actually Didi sir, when a friend of mine came to me, he was in pain about what happened in the past with him. I made him realize that you have your present moment to think of rather than the dead or the unpredictable future. He realized his folly and I was very happy and that spurred me to write something.

      Your comments are really inspiration for me.




      1. It is indeed very nice to see when our help bears fruit. In such situation I try always to pass forward my thankfulness to God so that pride will not grow in me.

        Nice to hear that you could help a friend to see life not from the past or future (both are virtual dragons), but from the present point of view 🙂

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dear brother 🙂

        From heart to heart

      2. Didi sir, in my entire life span, God has kept me away from any sorts of ‘pride’ because I am of the view; whatever I am given is due to God and what I am not having is also due to HIM. I am merely a plaything in His hands.

        I wholehearted;y thank you for enlightening me and inspiring me by sharing your experiences.



      3. My dear brother Harbans –

        you are really blessed my friend 🙂 – I had to taste the pride-form coming from the mind and when I became aware of it I had to pray to God to spare me from this pride. Mind is very strong in man and when it comes to me with pride and when I feel it is there, at once I surrender to God, not to be the doer. I am happy that pride did not come to you my friend – this is indeed a very rare present by God.

        Thank you my friend and have my full appreciation and respect.

  3. Good morning and thanks for this nice, uplifting poem, my dear friend across the oceans. Yes, sometimes we tend to wallow in the things of the past, the good and bad, which can be harmful for our mental health.Your list of duties for Today is really impressive and I hope I can even accomplish a quarter of them today, as you say. However I mus point out that the Past and the Future intersect with our Present, as Vladimir Nabokov rightly considered and wrote about it. We are always a fluid mix of the three, whether we like it or not. But Today is still a primordial task.
    A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.
      Thank you so very much for your ‘uplifting’ commentary. This is an undisputed fact that these three periods are really very important. Sometimes, we become too much attached with past events and think more about future too. These are the human tendencies but more reliance on the present moment will alleviate most of our problems due to past happenings.

      1. Hello and thanks. Today is my father’s birthday and I put up an article in his honor. Please give priority to this latest entry as I hold your opinion in high esteem.
        A big hug. Arrivederci!

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