In childhood, we can learn

From our mother’s hands so caring

Who can remain

Without herself taking anything even!  

Feeds her children

Bring them up with the utmost concern

Gives the first lesson

In motor movement

Baby cries hoarse for her attention

To meet any of its requirement

Which is urgently met when needed.


Thence starts the time of schooling

The child is admitted

In the school as per capability

And the paying capacity

Of the parent

Those with recourses aplenty

Admit them in the schools of their liking

But according to resource plenty and scarcity.


Teaching goes on in closely-knit controlled ambiance

Observing all the rules of the game

Sometimes getting the curt reprimand

And other times admiration so admirable

The purpose is to get the education

Along with necessary discipline

Which helps in facing the life’s challenges.

If in between something unusual happens

Like the demise of an earning hand

Then the person concerned

Will have to face squarely the situation

And adjust with the conditions

Which are presently prevalent

Those who get used to circumstances

And challenge the challenges

With the strong will and with full determination

Thereafter, Almighty God’s assistance

And grace come to the fore abundance.

One thing that still impresses me the most

Whenever I reminisce about my teachers

A flood of soft emotions of inner reverence comes

Pictures of each one of my respected teachers just emerge

A warm reverential sensation is felt

In the inner recesses of the heart & says I am so thankful

Since what I am today is all

Due to you and my dearest God who dwells in all.



In life, we get so many experiences which make us realize that life is not a bed of roses but a life with challenges which are to be surmounted at every step. Our persistence, perseverance, and determination to go ahead despite hurdles should spur on to go ahead.

It should always be kept in mind that life without challenges is not worth living at all. If life is a smooth sailing, without any hurdles or roadblocks, then we will not take life so seriously as life’s experiences could be gleaned when we are surrounded with problems and then seek ways and means to come out of the problems with our own sincere efforts.

Smoothness in our life may come and go according to the situation in which we are placed. The good and bad situations remain visiting us from time to time. How best to deal with the problems depends on our own initiative, resilience and strength of our mind?

It has been seen that all humans are not complete in itself. If we have one thing we may lack something else. If we are monetarily well off, maybe we may have problems physically if there is compatibility with your spouse, we may have the problem concerning our son who is born here will have the problem(s) in one form or other. Nobody can say with certainty that he or she is complete or trouble-free.

It will be in the fitness of things to mention about my childhood. My schooling started in a village high school (Barwal, Tehsil & District Kathua) in 1956 wherein the teachers were very disciplinarians, hardworking and wanted that their students should also work hard in order to not only to excel in academics but also extra-curricular activities; with the resources which though were limited during those days but yet those resources were utilized judiciously.  

Our Head Master was a hard taskmaster who was methodical in his teaching, supervised his teachers’ lessons systematically due to which the students brought laurels for the school in zonal competitions such as debates, hockey, kabaddi, kho kho etc. Till today, I remember, he often sat at the back secretly and observed the teaching of his teachers and thereafter he used to counsel the teacher concerned about his teaching and how best to improve his/her teaching skills. The whole of the school was reputed to be famous for its discipline, teaching skills/method of teaching, self-expression, writing skill, lab experiments etc. In the assemblies, we used to recite morning prayers and subsequently our HM and other teachers used to give the talk on topical nature. Then various students were also given opportunities to debate on different topics of interest.

I vividly remember all the important events that we had had during those days.  I especially remember our PTI,  who not only looked after the physical exercises, Yoga exercises etc but also ensured that discipline is maintained in the school. Anybody found transgressing the laid down rules or norms used to be dealt with severely – a sprint on the school playground as a punishment. 

Whatever little knowledge (gyan) I possess presently; the foundation of the same was laid in the most appropriate atmosphere of our school itself. It taught me the art of adaptability in any situation, pay respect to the elders/older members of the society, never show off, always be upright and truthful, never to adopt dishonest practices for personal gains in anything in life, never have egocentric tendencies, pay respect to the teachers and others, hard work always pays ultimately, pay heed to the sagacious advice of teachers, always be a student, have satiety in life with what you have and what you are not having etc. Whatever little I am today is all due to the lessons of the esteemed teachers of my school.

While I was in 7th class, who was an army pensioner died. Subsequently, my elder brother supported my education thereafter. I used to go to my college on a bicycle. During those days, knowledge was either from the teachers or through books. The student now can get browse for any information through the net and other sources.

Now coming to my life, the major events happened in my life:-

  1. While I was 21 years old, I got employment after training.
  1. Got my Graduation and Post Graduation besides I am a practicing Homeopathy (which I pursue as a social service) during my service career itself.
  1. I have my own house in Jammu, which was constructed while I was in Govt. service.
  1. Presently, I am living in Delhi.
  1. There were slight problems which with God’s grace were resolved.
  1. I live a spiritually oriented life with the partnership with my God.
  1. Whatever problem I face, I try to resolve them with total belief in God.
  1. Retired from Govt service on superannuation but got employment just after retirement and serving even now in private organization.
  1. At my age (67+) I am enjoying a very good active life with God’s grace.
  1. Wrote a book titled INNER THOUGHTS. Also, my life’s journey could be deciphered from various write-ups.

Taking into consideration the above, anybody can say with certainty that my life has been smooth but had some hiccups too – which I manage with the active help of my CREATOR.

Then, you can make your own estimation about my life. In fact, it is not WORTHLESS, is it so? Do comment. I love your valuable comments.
































    1. My sincerest thanks for appraising the write-up based on my life. Especially, whenever I remember my teachers, a flood of soft emotions emerges.


  1. Thank you very much, dear Harbhans for sharing your life story in a brief form – you teachers have taught you discipline which is a very useful virtue and discipline also goes along with patience which we need to face the challenges our lives offers us.The more we think of God and the more we are able to get some colour and scent from Him. A deep contact with God within is necessary to solve the riddle of life and death and the more we surrender to Him in confidence and trust as a child has boundless trust in his/her mother – the closer we will be with the creator, the more we are shown as tasks in our lives.

    Thank you, dear friend Harbans 🙂
    From heart to heart

    1. Didi sir, thank you so very much for your invaluable commentary on my brief life story about me.

      Really speaking, my teachers taught me the lessons which even now help me tide over the situation – any type of situation that may visit without any inkling.

      Your wisdom suffusing assertion: ‘The more we think of God and the more we are able to get some colour and scent from Him.’ is again a great lesson for me.

      As I have already mentioned that I am student even today, I give immense credence to your wisdom experienced over a period of time under the pious and sagacious Supreme Master Sant Kirpal Singh and others Gyanis having Jnanis.

      Kindly keep pump-priming me by your wisdom Didi sir.


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