This day is of huge importance

Since on this day

In 570 CE

Holy Prophet Mohammad

In the holiest city of Mecca

Was born

The One

Who changed many a lives then

And has been changing lives

Even this day

With his sacred preaching

The richest in contents

Which enrich our lives the most.

On this day

Devout sing hymns

With great love and devotion

In the praise of Prophet Mohammad

Which are considered very promising

For getting worldly

Besides awards considered heavenly

People decorate their houses very tastefully

And observe this day

As the day of reckoning.

Prophet Mohammad who considered kindness and compassion

The pillars of our strength

For us all

For the needy

And should be pursued by us all very assiduously

People also take out processions

Where prayers are recited very reverently

Along with the distribution of sweets

To the poor and the disadvantaged ones

An act which the Prophet liked the most

Thence there is narration of the life and other stories

Connected with the Holy Prophet

The Most Benevolent One

Reminds us of the kindness and compassion

Which He espoused so dearly

And all the teachings of the Holy Prophet professed

We also show our love and respect

For our own Holy Prophet

May His teachings

Remain influencing

Us throughout our lives through His teachings.


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      Affirmative Derrick sir – the world at large needs to be reminded that there is a huge need of understanding the true spirits of all the religions and their origin.



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