When we consider ourselves

More than others

In one way or other

Truly, could be construed as a disease

Which has no medicine at all

For curing this self-inflicted disease

Who considers others as just inferior creature

And himself as superior one

In the process earning for himself

Diseases of ‘I, me and my’

Which cannot be eliminated ordinarily

In the process creating disharmony

Between the people of all hues

Man with pride is humble

Never claims to be above others

Does not impose his ideas on others

But spreads the ideas

Of compassion and non-violence

One who takes pride in his ethical actions

A person feeling pride is humble to the core

In what he does or otherwise

Even standing at the end of a queue yet

Reflects love and light for others around

Does not consider himself superior to others

With the noble ideas

Nobody is higher

Or nobody is lower

And everyone is unique in his own right

Everybody feels pride

In what one does to earn that tag

With an idea that whatever is created

By our Creator

Blades of grass

Or the superior creation

Including humans

Have distinctive importance of their own

No completion to hog lime-light

Bereft of any ill-will or conceit

Not to be-little others

With each other for keeping a balance in the Nature.

But to play a role to harmonize






A love which is all inclusive

Love does not recognize any particular day for celebrating

A love we would not like losing

A love which is all pervading

A love all sweeping

A love all-embracing

A love which is broadest in content

A love from which we get contentment

A love which is fully bloomed

A love which is full-blown

A love which is sweeping

A love where there is not even an iota of doubt

A love where losing makes no difference

A love for which any sacrifice could be given

A love where we do not demand but would like giving

A love where we get extreme joy in giving

A love which teaches us values of living

A love where suspicion has no place while giving

A love rooted in sublime and  humane delicate touch

A love which broadens its base without an iota of bias

A love which is synergy giving while sharing

A love which increases by every day passing

A love which kindles trust among all creatures living

A love where we do not care for caste, creed, colour or race

A love which is magical in nature

A love which is not theatrical in its character

A love which enlightens us and is not mechanical in nature

A love where we do not care for results

A love where every skepticism melts

A love which gives is eternal peace

A love which takes us to love heights

A love which erases all lingering reservations

A love which spreads its fragrance

A love which gives happiness in taking pain of other

Like the love of Saint Valentine,

A Catholic Bishop of Terni

In Roman Empire
Who for love’s sake attained martyrdom,
For solemnizing marriage secretly,
Of condemned soldiers,
For whom marriage was a bar
Under the Roman Empire’s law
And marrying those forbidden once to marry,
Attracted the Saint’s imprisonment,
And ultimately martyrdom.

While in the condemned cell of a prison,
With his miraculous touch, he cured the daughter of the jail warden,
Saint Valentine sent out a farewell letter,
With words so eternal in nature,

“From your Valentine”,These words have become a grand brand,
Presently for us all to express to our loved one,
With a huge sprinkle of pride,
Mixed with a huge smile,
Lasting for good in our imagination,
And in real life too, we live with complete affirmation
That love binds us & bestows us God’s eternal co




When circumstances put us down

We hope good to happen

But something bad results

Despite our best efforts

Putting two to two together hardly works

But these attempts give us more hurts

Making our life still more difficult

In the process robbing the peace of mind

Creating distresses and disappoints

With depletion of self-esteem

And respect from others we hold dear

Hell & heaven are the compensation

For our earth sojourn

Virtuous men

Get heaven

As a reward for the righteous deeds

Bad ones get punishment for their deeds so bad

Such as unethical and immoral acts

Which could be construed as Divine justice

But there is also a balance

Those who commit incredibly bad

And lament for that and not to repeat

Could be forgiven for adopting life so naïveté

By adopting all the positive traits

After having asked for sincere pardon for their bad acts

And understand that reaction of bad action

Cannot be good at all by any reckoning

Thus change the destiny

By changing the mental attitude positively

God too forgives our acts

If we determine not to pass through

The path beset with thorns

And make ourselves candidate

For heaven above with the grace of God.


Hell means a state or condition in which we feel  ourselves extremely in agony/misery, the torments of which are being experienced. In the nightmarish condition, it is difficult to live a normal life. Even on this earth, there are some who consciously live a life of hell. I think, when we live a life filled with anger, jealousy for others, and bitterness for others without rhyme or reason including all the negative traits then that sort of life is more than hell.


In essence, facts stand out, we create our own hell and heaven with our thoughts and Karma (Action). There is a case in point in which a seemingly well-behaved, suave in her temperament and seemingly impeccable reputation dug out her own hell with her lust for worldly possessions. Mrs. Preeti (exact name changed) went on superannuation after serving an institution for more than 30 years. She was economically sound; her own pensionary benefits were adequate enough to take care of herself and family. Besides, her husband too was running a hotel business in a posh locality of Delhi. They had the responsibility of only son to look after – that is all.

A few days back, we came to know that her entire family had siphoned off more than Hundred  Crore Rupees from the gullible depositors (Her friends and well-wishers mainly colleagues and neighbours) which they had handed her over because she had promised them better returns – even better than Bank’s interest rates,

 for their earnest money deposited with her. The gullible could be swayed because of her past record was unblemished. She did not keep her word and flew out to a foreign country along with her entire family. Law enforcement agencies caught her and now she along with her entire family facing the music of law of the Land for her illegal acts. In the process, she has lost what she had earned for herself – trust, belief, faith and confidence which are important ingredients in the life of a person. She has made her life along with her family’s life a virtual hell by her greed for more material possessions.

This should serve a lesson for us people; our greed could make hell out of heaven due to our own KU-KARMA (Bad deed). 


Some say, the hell and heavens are the creations of our own mind, the state of our mind. When our mind and senses are calm and composed, we feel ourselves on the Seventh Heaven and while our mind gets disturbed, we feel in the hellish existence.  There are very many people who think their present state as destined by God. They are theists – believers in God and His mercies/bounties/graces.

There are the people who say that we get sow in this birth itself. If we work hard and succeed, it is fruits of our action and if despite hard work, we are disappointed thus feel a hellish life thereafter affecting us physically and mentally.  They take life as mechanical one without belief in God and His grace.  Just getting up in the morning, performing routinely anything which is being done like a machine. These people do not believe in the existence of God and his graces. They consider themselves as makers of their own destinies. Theists – non-believers in the existence of God and His graces. Hell or heaven are their own creations they think. 


There are people, who while living a life full of disappointments and disillusionments, many a times, would make the lives of others around them also the same with their bad behavior with them. This gives such people misplaced satisfaction which is in fact inhuman and unethical act. To make somebody else’s life hellish because we are not having normal life, is in fact unfair and merits condemnation. There are people who think that if they have material possessions, they’ve heaven on this earth itself but what about those who are having every comforts in their lives but have debilitating diseases like cancer and other life-threatening diseases. For them, this earth is like hell – just darkness, suffering, blackness, all around, with no light on the sight.

There is octogenarian couple in one of our relation, they spent their financial resources on their three sons who are professionally well-up; two are doctors and the third one an engineers. But unfortunately, all the three, with their families, have gone to USA, leaving the hapless, aged and ailing parents to the mercy of elements. Although both the spouses are financially sound yet there is nobody of their own relations to look after old and ailing parents. Life for them is virtual hell in real sense of terms.

The hellish life is when you cannot pull on in life with problems confronting from every side in relation to health, relationship between spouses, discords in the family, deaths in the family creating a situation with unending suffering and torments in which only one spouse is left creating hell on this earth.


Contrarily, we are having good health, although with less material resources,  but more satisfaction in our lives will create positive ambience. When we transact everything necessary including job we are doing without much attachment to the fruits of action. We should enjoy the bounties of nature, fresh air, water and sunlight and the sky above. We should enjoy the flaks of snow falling or the breeze blowing or enjoy the moonlit night , just appreciating and enjoying the heaven on earth bestowed on us by the Mother Nature. If this is not heaven on earth then what it is?

Whenever we’ve cool and peaceful existence with purposeful lifestyle with spiritual orientation then we have the dawn of heaven on this earth in our life. Glimpses of heaven are felt in our heart when we’ve our close connectivity with God and we transact everything in close partnership with God. Then when we’ve compassion for others, feel pain when somebody feels pain, have no attachment for material possessions (Wealth), alcohol (Wine) and lust for other women outside the institutionalized married life.


Based on Karma philosophy, we get everything that we give others. Nothing goes waste. Our good deeds or actions which we transact for others come back to us in one form or other. Good karmic deeds based on empathy and understanding towards others’ state of situation and providing them needful assistance give us good feeling, wellness, and a positive feeling – just out of this world which could be termed as heavenly. Similarly, bad karmic deeds give us bad results. It is in fact based on the action and reaction equal and opposite. If we make others’ life miserable, our life too becomes miserable and hellish in this life itself. We must have observed by us in real life here on this earth. We can term it as a hell on earth.

It is also said that the consequences of our karmic deeds (good or bad) are received by us in this birth only but if not yet received then these could be taken to the next birth. Also, our birth is as per deeds and misdeeds we have done in the present birth.

Then if we believe reincarnation based on our Karma then we have to believe the existence of hell and heaven beyond this earth.

According to Hindu philosophy hell and heaven are due to our own Karma. As per Hindi philosophy especially Puranas, there are 14 worlds in the universe. Thus, from the viewpoint of Hinduism, heaven and hell are merely different worlds, bound by time, space, and causality.

These are:-


  • Bhuh: The earth where we live.
  • Bhavah: Swah is the celestial world where we reap the reward of good karmic deeds that we have done while living on earth. Righteous actions elicit good rewards and vice versa. It is the region between the two.
  • Swah: Located between Brahmaloka and Bhuh (earth).
  • Mahah:              It is located between Brahmaloka and Bhuh (earth), Bhuvah       

  & Swah. 

  • Janah:              Constitute Brahmaloka which is highest heave where Souls
  • Tapah:              with most righteous deeds are located and many attain                     
  • Satyam:            Moksha but some get back to earth and take birth.

Patala, the lowest of the seven nether worlds, is the realm where wicked souls sojourn after death and reap the results of  their unrighteous actions on earth.

LOWER WORLS (Nether world)

  • Atala:  
  • Vitala:
  • Sutala:
  • Rasatala:
  • Talatala:
  • Mahatala:
  • Patala:

It is the realm where souls who have done Ku-Karma reside after death and reap the results of their bad karmic deeds, suffer for their misdeeds.

Our next birth is determined by:-

  • The righteous or unrighteous karma we have done during our lifetime on earth. It is also a fact that on earth the souls can transform themselves by their righteous or unrighteous Karma.
  • Some take births as animal, birds and other lower living beings according to karmic deeds done on earth.
  • Soul also assumes the body which is according to the unfulfilled desires during our lifetime on earth but karma, good and bad deeds are most potent reasons.

Liberation from births and deaths could only be attained when a person concerned has not desire i.e. not attached to the fruits of actions (Detached from the fruits of actions) with no further desires to be fulfilled – a  state of desirelessness. This has been amply clear in Katha Upanishad; which proclaims that when all our desires are fulfilled or disregarded then we get liberation from births and deaths.

The following could turn our heavenly life as a virtual hell:-

  • Paddling lies in order to hide  truth.
  • Greed for worldly possessions, power and pelf – may be sometimes using corrupt practices.
  • Committing crime or sin or acting immorally and ethically also makes us a candidate for hell because these add to our KARMIC DEBTS.

Heaven could be created by:-

  • Self-belief and indomitable belief on God take care of our problems.
  • We should always remember that death is a great leveler. The Gita Song is more relevant here.

Whatever has happened, happened for the good

Whatever is happening is also for good

Whatever shall happen, shall also be good

What have you lost that you cry for?

What did you bring that you have lost?………Change is the law of Universe.

  • Following a life feeling compassion for others; feeling pain when others are feeling so.
  • Feeling satisfied with what we have with the earnings following earnest means.
  • Forgetting and forgiving gives more satisfaction than keeping something in our heart.
  • Keep balance or equanimity both in good and bad days.




Basant has been taken from Sanskrit word VASANT’ which means Spring. Basant Panchami (5TH TITHI) is celebrated in the honour of Goddess Saraswati in different parts of India. She is the divinity of knowledge (music, arts, science etc). We worship the Goddess so that she bestows us necessary knowledge and removes the ignorance from our midst. On this day, people also initiate the education of their small children in their homes or schools besides it is  considered auspicious to start new ventures businesses.

In schools and colleges too, in the morning hours, prayers to Goddess Saraswati are conducted in order to get her graces, blessings for enlightenment and removal of agyan (ignorance). Although whole of the day is considered promising  yet most auspicious time is from sunrise to the midday (which is also termed as the Purvahna Kala) and it is considered as the propitious time to conduct Saraswati Pujan with great reverence and piety for seeking her graces.


In some parts of india, farmers conduct earth worship (Boomi Pujan) for more agricultural output from their fields before tilling their fields. People eat sweet rice and put on yellow clothes – yellow colour is associated with Basant Panchami. Dandya dance is also performed on this day in Gujarat state which is also associated with harvesting, sowing and reapting etc. The ploughting implements too are worshipped on this day.


Season-wise, chilling cold season ends and start of more pleasant and enjoyable season starts – Basant Ritu. There is also a tradition that in Basant, there is air of love and affection which is associated with kamadeva and his wife named Rati. When we associate this day with Kamadeva, it means there used to be dance based on love in the royal palaces in which the women folks of the royal leanings and other girls used to dance’  (in their best  attires) in the midst of singing suitable for the occasion – basically on love between Krishna and Radha. People put on yellow attire on this occasion in consonance  with the flowering of yellow tamarind  crops. It seems as though the Mother Nature has spread a yellow coloured cloth with seasonal flowers. There is also fragrance of flowers all around.

Basant Panchami is also called as Shree Panchami and Sufi which is observed in Sufi shrines. This festival is also celebrated in different parts of India though slightly differently. People enjoy kite flying, – Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc,  Eastern India including Bengal wherein Saraswathi idol is immersed in Ganga.


People in different relgions also worship Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati including Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi and offer flowers including Sun God and other offerings for their wellbeing. Devotees and compassionates also feed the needy on this occasion.

It is not merely Hindus who celebrate BASANT PANCHAMI.

Saint Nizamuddin Aulia was famous for his generosity, compassion and simplicity coupled with humane heart. There used to be Langar at dargah where food was served to all. When his nephew died, he felt so saddened that he stopped all the activities. Then Amir Khusrau wanted to bring him to his normal state. While seeing the women putting on their yellow attire, with colourful flowers, he also put on yellow clothes and flowers and went in front of the Saint. Upon seeing Khuarau in that dress, the Saint smiled. Hence Basant Panchami too is celebrated in Dargah of Saint Nizamuddin Aulia.

The Sikhs too celebrate Basant Panchami. Basant  Raga or Spring Raga (composition) forms one of the well-known Ragas in Sri Granth Sahib Sahib Ji and sung with great reverence. The marriage of Guru Gobind Singh was solemnized on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami.


Fairs and festivals are the obvious indications
That a society is on the move together in their celebrations
Some festivals are seasonal in nature
Others are related to beliefs so prevalent
But one thing is common in all of these
People participate in each of these festivals
With a feeling brimming with emotions.

Basant Panchami has religio-seasonal connotations

After withstood the chilling cold of winter season
There has begun much awaited  dawn of a season, so  very pleasant

When Mother Nature is at its excellence 
Wherein a carpet of yellow mustard plants is one of the best attractions 
People put on their yellow attire, so gorgeous
And imbue themselves in natural yellow colour.

There is a legend attached to this festival
Brahma who is the Creator-in-Chief
Happened to see earthwards
He felt very sad on seeing without any leaves
Barren land bereft of any greenery
He scattered some water from His enchanting jar
To the huge surprise of us all
There appeared Goddess Sarswati
The giver of wisdom and scholarship
Music, art and craft and knowledge to imbibe
She too is termed as the Goddess of Basant Panchmi!
Lord Barahma too gifted greenery to the plants in abundance
Bringing in its wake brightness in natural spectacle
And verve and vigor in everybody’s life.

Yellow flowers are offered to God
Even our food items exhibit yellowness
With saffron strands giving yellow colour
Emitting sweet fragrance everywhere.

People worship the musical instruments
Art, craft and all the learning mediums
For these are the gifts of Goddess Saraswati
Processions in the honour of the Goddess is taken
To implore Her to bestow us humans the wisdom
And power to find the difference between truth and falsehood

Her four hands symbolize ego, intellect, alertness and the mind
Her white dress is the symbol of purity
And she loves truth of all forms
Her postures of sitting too has vast meaning.
Our humble prayers to Thee O Goddess Sarasvati
The embodiment of learning
We implore Thee to remove illiteracy & ignorance from our midst

And bring forth the dawn of enlightenment
Remove ego as You are the giver of wisdom
And do imbue us all in THY  INDELIBLE COLOUR



A few days back, I visited Sri Bala Ji Maharaj ancient temple at Mehandipur (District Dausa). When I alighted the bus, I was obviously captivated by the ambience of the Holy Place even before reaching the sanctum sanctorum! On reaching the temple premises, there dawns a feeling of peace and tranquility and my spirits got uplifted optimally with love and light inside the inner recesses of heart. In essence, these feelings were came just naturally.

I have penned down some of my observations and experiences which are enumerated in the proceeding paragraphs.

Sri Bala Ji Mandir is one of the most prominent temples in India. It is located in Mehandipur in District Dausa (Rajasthan). This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama’s most committed Bhakta Lord Hanuman Ji.

Mehandipur is about 300 Kms from Delhi with all sorts of transportation such as Rail, Bus and  Air available without much difficulty from all the major cities of India. The approximate time taken from Delhi to Mehandipur by bus from Delhi or Rail is around 3.30 hours.

On reaching the proper temple, I with my wife and others stood in the multiple lines which lead us to the holy place from where we could the statue of Sri Bala Ji Maharaj amidst the chanting of JAI RAM JI BHAKTA HANUMAN JI with HANUMAN CHALIISA also reverberated in the air. All were carrying their offerings with a feelings of satiety and expectations writ large on their faces. Reaching the proper place from where we could see the figurine of Sri Bala Ji Maharaj (The Priest too explained about this and also gave some Prasada while taking our offerings. We prayed for our wellness and also for the wellness our well-wishers there. Then we also had the dharshan of Sri Baba Bharav Maharaj and Pretraj Sarkar. To bent our heads in enormous reverence to them and prayed for their generosity and graces. We also were explained about the sacrosanct credentials of this place. It was also explained that we have to take the Prasada given to us there itself without looking back at all. After proper dharshan of Sri Bala Ji Maharaj, Sri, Bharon Ji Maharaj and pretraj Sarkar I felt very light suffusing with the feelings of love engulfing my entire being.

Subsequently, we visited Sri Ram Ji Temple, just opposite to Sri Bala Ji Maharaj temple – had Prasad and Bhivuti from this temple.


Lord Hanuman Ji is Rudra Avtara, another name of Lord Shiva. He is also worshipped by various names by His devotees  such as Bala Ji (Child Hanuman),  Anjaneya (Son of Anjana), Mahavira (Full of bravery and courage bestowed upon him by Sun God), Balarka (Sadrushanana like the rising sun), Batnasiddhikara (Granter of Strength), Bajranghbali (With huge strength), Bhakta Vastsaka (Protector of devotees), Bhavishya (One who knows about future happenings), Chiranjevini (Immortal), Chaturbahave (Four armed), Danta (Peaceful), Dheera (Most courageous), Deenabandhave (Defender of the oppressed), Daithyakulantaka (Destroyer of the demons), Kesrisuta (Son of kesri), Hanumanta (One with Puffy cheeks), Intrajit (Remover of the effect of Indrajit’s Brahmastra), Jai Kapeesh (Hailing monkey), Kapishwara (Head of monkey army), Kabalikruta (One who swallowed the Sun), Kumarabrahmacharine (Bachelor with youthful strength), Panchavaktra (Five faced), Pratapavate (Known for his bravery), Yogini (Yogi par excellence), Rudraveerya (Born of Shiva), amongst so other names for showering of His graces and blessings. He is known for His ritualistic healing power and have the power to remove the evil spirits from the bodies of the devotees and Mehandipur, the Abode of Sri Bala Ji exerts its positive influence on His devotees.

From the various names that Lord Hanuman Ji is known, it is evident that he helps his devotees to cure their sufferings, comes to their rescue in tiding over their difficult situations, curing them of their ailments caused due to some ill-effects of magical powers, one who bestows us courage as He is known for his courageous acts which He exhibited while Hanuman Ji  was taken to Demon King Ravana’s palace in chains by his son Meghnatha while He was on the mission of locating Sita Maa in the custody of Demon King Ravana. He not only burnt the Golden Lanka of  Ravana but also exhibited very benign demeanour to Ravana’s brother Babishana, a Ram Bhakta himself – PROVING HIS MULTI-FACETED ROLE AMONGST THE DEVTAS.


After some time, when Hanuman was searching for Sita, he heard Shani’s cries from a deep place. When Hanuman looked here and there, he found Shani imprisoned in a cell. He requested Hanuman to free him. Hanuman freed him, but as he freed him, Shani looked at him and thus Hanuman became the victim of Shani’s gaze. In gratitude, Shani promised Hanuman that those who would pray to him on Saturday would be rescued from the painful effects of Shani. When Hanuman was burning Lanka, he found that he was not able to burn it properly. Then as Shani promised to Hanuman to help him in degrading Raavan, he looked at Lanka and turned it into black instead of a heap of gold.  

The temple of Sri Bala Ji Maharaj is known for its healing power for removing evil spirits and black magic spell


About 1000 years back, in ancient India, Mehandipur was a small village, surrounded by thick forest, where ferocious animals such as tigers, lions had made their habitation. It was also a place where all sort of dacoits, thieves, looters and other law breaking people lived there who made the lives of those living in this village and other surround area very difficult.

One of the ancestors of Baba Mahant Ji Maharaj (Mahant Goswami Ji) saw something unique in his dreams, he got up in the dream state itself, knowing very little what for and where he was headed to. In the sub-conscious state of dream world, he saw thousands of lighted wicks. He saw these wicks coming towards him. It also is reported that there were sound of the elephants and horses approaching. Then he saw (in his dream state itself) there a  big gathering of devotees. All these devotees were in elephants and horses together were paying their respects to Sri Bala Ji Maharaj, Sri Baro Baba Ji and Sri Pretraj Sarkar Ji. Thereafter, the huge troops on horses and elephants went to the way they had come. Goswami was the only spectator of all this happening in that state. He was a little afraid of the scenario which went on before him. Subsequently, he retreated his way to his village. He tried to have some sleep. He continued remembering about the dream he had seen. He saw the three statues of Sri Bala Ji Maharaj, Sri Baro Ji Baba Ji and Sri Pretraj Sarkar. Thereafter, the gathering of these devotees on elephants and horses disappeared. Goswami came back home in that state itself  and wanted to have some sleep, but the statues of Sri Bala Ji Maharaj, Sri Baro Baba Ji and Sri pretraj were still fresh in his mind and he could not sleep thereafter despite his best efforts. Seemingly, it sounded as though those statues wanted to tell him something important.

When he had some sleep again, he saw a huge temple and the same reverent statues and somebody was exhorting him to get up and take the responsibility of performing meditation/prayers. There was also the mystical utterance informing him to perform his part of the prayers and thereafter, and then He will perform the mystic deeds (Leela) for the spread of wellness of the general masses especially in Kaliyuga. Who was the mystical figure informing him about things which Goswami could not comprehended in its entirety? Who was uttering those sweet words  but its tone and tenor were obviously very heart touching? Also, it being night, he could neither see anything nor could comprehend further what was being said.

Goswami Ji Maharaj did not pay any attention thereafter as though nothing had transpired: taking it only a dream. Subsequently, he had vision (dharshan) of Bala Ji Maharaj in person; addressed him his own and exhorted him to offer prayers to Him. Next day, he went to the statues he had seen in his dream and lo and behold, he was surprised to hear the sounds of ringing of bells and drums but there was none in sight.

Next, he informed the details of his dream to his village folks. They made a small prayer place there at the spot where the Goswami Ji had a vision. After this, the same villagers started getting graces of Sri Bala Ji just mystically. They could not understand anything about the positive change which they were experiencing in their lives. The people thought it was some  trick being committed by somebody. Then, the statues just disappeared after sometime. The people realized the folly of disbelieving and prayed Bala Ji to forgive them. Surprisingly, the statues appeared again.

To their surprise, there is a water source at the feet of Bala Ji Maharaj, the water of which never exhausts even after the base container is totally full. It is surprising that a very minute water trickle from near the heart of the statue of Bala Ji Maharaj which continues eternity. The people who come on the pilgrimage bring this holy water for bringing about wellness in their homes. The same water (Jal) also is sprinkled on the pilgrim. During my visit to this Holy place, I too have brought a bottle full of water which in fact has mystical curing traits.

Thereafter the installation of three devtas (Bala Ji Maharaj, Pretraji and Baba Bero Ji Maharaj  were undertaken in accordance with the religious rituals. It is also reported that Sri Bala Ji Maharaj has appeared in front of Goswami Ji in person.

During that period the entire area was ruled by a particular king. The Goswami Ji, the Smadhi-wale Baba Ji,  told all these things to the ruling king but he did not believe on Goswami Ji’s story. After seeing the statues, the king mentioned that these were the handiwork of an artist. Thereupon, the statues disappeared and even after digging deep, the statues could not be located. Then, the king asked for forgiveness from the deities for the lapse of doubting the truth and asked for taking pity on his agyan (ignorance).

Subsequently, all the three statues appeared just mystically as these had disappeared. Thence after, the king had firm belief on Bala Ji and allowed Goswami Ji to worship and built a huge temple there. The Goswami remained worshipping Balaji Maharaj till he took smadhi. On getting old, he prayed for letting his future generations to pray and worship Sri Bala Ji Maharaj with reverence. It was around 1000 years since these three statues appeared but the Goswami’s generations (11) Mahants from Goswami’s families have bestowed their prayers and seva to Sri Bala Ji.

Sri Bala Ji is the Sankat Mochan (one who delivers from pain and sufferings). He is the incarnation (Avtar) of Kaliyuga for devout. Whosoever prays with sincerity, gets what that person wants.

Presently, the Mehendipur is a big city with all the facilities provided in abundance. I personally saw that there is a prevalence of goodness/wellness, peace and prosperity  around the place. since all have indomitable belief in Him. They believe that Sri Bala Ji Maharaj delivers them from all their misfortunes.  I also saw a boon on satiety on the faces of the people residing there and the shopkeepers provided the goods and services to the pilgrims on cheap costs. There is no scarcity of either food or lodging for the pilgrims – sufficiency of everything.

Now coming to the neyeye of Sri Bala Ji Maharaj, the people who come with all sorts of problem approach with a sincere for deliverance. It may be due to bad spell of evil and dark forces who retard our progress in our lives. I personally saw some people crying for mercy (especially women) and it has been reported that they get cured from their ailments! Such is the curing powers of this place.

On the visit of the Sri Bala Ji temple, the devotees take with them naryal, some cloth, a red flag, some ladoos just wrapped in red cloth. These items are to be given to the priest who ensures that all the devout get the dharshan of Bala Ji. The priest also gives Prasad to each devotee which is to be consumed in the temple prescient only. 

The application for redemption to Bala Ji is as per time schedule for Bala Ji, Sri Baron Ji and Sri Pretraj Ji. In each of them sincerity in prayer should be above board.  The offerings for each of them is also different but one thing should always be borne in mind that Prasad which is handed over to the devout has to be consumed inside the premises of the temple. It has not to be brought back at all.

Then there is the figurine of Sri Baba Baron. The devout also pray there after presenting some offerings to Him. Sri Baron Baba also helps the devout in ridding from their misfortunes caused by dark forces.  Subsequently, there is the figurine of Pretraj Ji which also delivers the devotees off their misfortunes.

Devotees suffering from evil spirits get relief from their sufferings by the methods like Arji (Appeal), Sawamani and Darkhast. The Bhog of :-

(a)  Laddus are made to Sri Bala Ji Maharaj. The devotees throng for removal of their sufferings in all the days of the week but especially on Saturdays and Tuesdays there is a great gather of the devout as both these days are very dear to Bhagwan Hanuman Ji.

(b)  Rice and urd pulse to Bhairav Baba Ji (Kotval Kaptan, Head of army).

(c)  The offering of rice and urd pulses to Sri Pretraj Sarkar (King of evil spirits).

The following are some of the prominent temples in Mehandipur:-

·        Opposite to the temple of Sri Bala Ji Maharaj is the famous temple of Lord Rama with the idols of Maa Sita Ji and Lakshmana. The temple is very beautiful where the devotees are offered Parasadh consisting of dry fruits and also Bhavuti (which has curing power).

·        Anjani Mata Temple (Mother of Lord Hanuman Ji).

·        Temple of Panchmukhi Manuman Ji.

·        Kali Maa temple at Teen Pahaad.

·        Sri Ganesh Ji Maharaj temple.

·        Samadhi Wale Baba Ji.

·        On the path of Teen Paheed, there are so many temples on both the sides of the pat



What are our weaknesses or weak-spots, types of weaknesses and why some of us defend their weaknesses?

Our weakness in us is of our own creation

Created by our own way of thinking

And then our own Karma and Dharma.

We cannot tell that our weaknesses

Are due to somebody else but ourselves.

In essence, we have to understand what actually is meant by our weaknesses. There are some areas in which we remain behind in comparison with others who count for us like weak in memory, weak in health, weak in character, weak in reading and writing, weak  in outlook, weak staying power for any job, weak willed person, weak intentioned persons etc. In other words, anything which lacks perceptible conviction, perseverance, doggedness and whatever is not undertaken without application of mind, its results will not be as encouraging and of any tangible results.

Weakness could be related to:-

In physical health (Physiological)

When we are physically weak resulting in less physical activity. It may be due to lack of exercises or activities or may be due to not taking proper diet. Physical health is as important as anything else in life that counts. It is because if the health is alright, we can utilize that strength to perform a variety of jobs that we want to perform. Lack of strength also leads us to less self-esteem.

In mental health (Psychological)

This is related to our habits, attitudes and other behaviour pattern related to problems such as obsessive behaviour pattern in which a person is compelled by the circumstances to act in a particular manner. It may be negatively oriented too just tarnishing our image in the eyes of our society in which we are living.

Weakness in Character

Everybody knows that our character or temperament counts a lot. It is well nigh said, if health is lost something is lost but if our character is lost everything is lost. Hence we must cultivate all those characteristics which make us strong charactered individuals.  Persons with weak character will not earn anybody’s respect and more so will  not have his self-esteem in long term.

Weakness in giving advice when it is not needed

We must have come across people who are compulsive advice givers even their advice is not called for. These sorts of people gets disappointed when they are snubbed for doing so.

Weakness in confidence or weak willed

Lack in confidence or weakness in confidence leads to disappointment in whatever we put our hands on. Then we have people who do not take any risk for anything which comes in their way.

Weakness in 3 Ws (Weakness for more Wealth,  Women and Wine

  • The people who have weakness for worldly wealth and riches which they want to have by any means whatsoever will meet dissatisfaction ultimately.
  • It has been practically observed that those who have the the weakness  for women beyond the institutionalized married life partner.
  • Then those who are habitual of drinking and become addicted to drinking, it will not only drag the resources of the individual concerned but also our health goes to dogs.

Now coming to your question of defending weakness. Those who do so are in fact weak-links of highest order. I take this weakness as a weakness of highest order. Rather than defending our weaknesses, we ought to take steps to remove both the physical and psychological related weaknesses.

We should not appreciate our weakness rather we should introspect and plug those weaknesses. We should not defend our weaknesses because of the following:-

  1. Can anyone defend abusive friend or one’s own behaviour or attitude?
  • Can anybody defend physical abuse of somebody else?
  • Can we in any way defend our negative traits such as anger, envy, and jealousy?
  • Can anybody defend his/her addiction related habits; such as addition of drugs, liquor, smoking etc.?

The answer for all these weaknesses is NO, NOT AT ALL. We cannot defend and should not defend our weaknesses since by doing so we try to enhance the intensity of weaknesses rather than curbing the same.





Bereft of any conviction

Mind faltering and wavering without set ambitions

And dithering everywhere in circles in real sense of terms

Surely not on the point of contention

That are the symptoms of being self without any confidence.

No concrete success is guaranteed

Till focused attention on the goal  is made

For without any set agenda

We’ve only confusion all around.

Whence we are effusing with self-confidence

We  try our luck

And take calculated risks

Many a paths hereto unknown and not trodden

For us, become ajar open with the grace of God

Confidence presents us a magic key of courage

To open ground-breaking horizons

A touchstone of success

Hitherto not known anytime before

It is not merely the material world

Which is to be ensured for self-subsistence

But also to realize the purpose

Of life on this planet which is actually a  must.

Lack of self-confidence

Means not knowing even our inner-self

Not knowing self means our life remains immobile

Alas! without an iota of forward movement

Putting solid brakes on our path of successful mission.

One thing should never be forgotten

That the self-confidence

Should not be raised

On the base of sand

As sand just slips out our quickly from our hands

And the building erected just totters as fast as it is made.

When self-confidence is  made with feelings

Steeped in greed, hostility and enviousness

Of  others’ fortunes

Will also not be enduring

For long

That concocted confidence which is attained

With a feeling of deception

Is of negatively orientation.

When self-confidence is built

On the highest values held dear

Then this self-confidence

Can stand the test of time

With utmost courage and self-assurance.

People with low-esteem

Just do not have the self-confidence

They while away their precious time and resources

In unusual gossips

Including passing buck

For any responsibility assigned

Self-praise and arrogance are their weak defences

Whilst egocentric tendencies are their legs to stand on

Such people care but nobody else but themselves alone

Such people disrespect others at the slightest ruse

For raising their so called stature

On the foundation of false excuses.

True self-confidence

Is generated when we’ve humbleness

In abundance

Despite sufficiency of everything at our beck and call

Along with firmness

Of inner-resolve

For resolution of our conflicts which inflict us.

Person with self-confidence

Gains gyan (knowledge) through self-efforts

With perseverance and persistence so hard

Thereby making every failure a success story

Thus transforming ourselves from feeble character

To a strongly-willed unwavering personage.

Then the person with self-confidence

Will learn how to remain cool in seething environment

For living a life of love and light

With tolerance and patience writ large in his character

For spreading the message of love to all humanity.

A person with lack of confidence

Makes excuses for anything and everything

To hide his shortcomings

Adopts ways so scrumptious  

That he pays lip-service

To others’ wellbeing, so contrived

On deception and dishonest demeanor.

A person with self-confidence

Improves with sincere efforts

Takes responsibility for anything

With absolutely no excuses given

Such a person stands for truth with rock-solid belief

Whatever may be the consequences.

Self-confident people give damn to their praise

But protect their character above everything else.

People with self-confidence

Do not ask for praise for themselves

But are generous in praise for others.

Self-confident people are self-dependent

And do not rely on others for their inner-fulfillment.

People with confidence are courageous

They do not fright when fight is called for

Thru’ self-efforts and perseverance

And also with the grace of our Creator.


For cultivating confidence, we’ve to make concerted efforts, say good bye to some of our habits and attitudes which have become responsible for curtailing our further movement. For this to become reality, it is goes without saying that we have to know our own self – our positive and negative attributes and make determined efforts to curb our negative tendencies. If these negative tendencies are difficult to be eradicated then we’ve to take somebody else’s assistance (known for refining negative traits – there are many sacred Souls who would be more than willing to render such help) who can transform us.

Having acquired positivism in our mannerism and way of living, we can utilize these good traits in our daily routines, keeping in our mind that our sincere efforts will always be successful but if sometimes these efforts do not bear good fruits then we can at least get adequate experience out of that effort. We should not forget that success and failure are the two important happenings which surely will take place in our life and we’ve to maintain a healthy balance in all eventualities. Our failure should not disappoint so much that it should disorient our mindset and our success should not make us egocentric and self-centric in our attitude.

While we acquire equanimity in our mindset, then half the battle is won. It will generate self-confidence and this self-confidence would be without even shred of ego and conceitedness. Decision taken in this sort of mindset and scenario can do us a maximum benefit in adjusting in any situation we are placed because we are aware of our potential strength.

With self-confidence we can:-

  • Take calculated risks because we know our strengths – self-belief and belief in our God.
  • Sometime we can traverse in unknown territory with good results with good results and if results are not that encouraging, we can at least get experience having traveled thus far. That experience could assist us in future journey.
  • It is also essential that our self-confidence should not make us too much conceited or arrogant or -over-confident just undoing what we have acquired.
  • It should always be remembered that audaciousness or over-confidence could spell doom for us in place of boom in success.
  • Our staying-power could be ensured when we stay-put despite some disappointing results initially.
  • Concentrating on the goal at hand with confidence hardly means we should be bereft of any humility.
  • Our humility should be an instrument of change for us whenever there is a need.
  • Flexibility, as and when required need to be pursued rather than being rock-solid when ice-like softness is called for.
  • While our self-confidence is a must for getting things done in our favour but one important thing should never be disregarded and that is to associate our GOD in all the endeavours we are undertaking otherwise we may fall prey to skepticism and indecisiveness when crunch time comes.