The basic traits of spirituality are being compassionate, selflessness and a sense of feeling of self-sacrifice. Kindness, forgiveness, serenity, calmness, peace, love, loving kindness, humility, giving attitude or generosity, truthfulness, empathetic attitude, dispassionate and discriminating understanding

 It means living a life bereft of ego, violence, vengeance, hatred, hatred, hypocrisy, vanity, vain-glory, greed, lust, envy and jealousy, avarice etc. meaning living without any negative thoughts and actions, feeling pain when others feel pain among other good traits. All these, in reality, are spiritual essence and excellence of mankind.

Both moral and ethical ways of living attains its consummation or completion  in spiritual life. It points to self-knowledge through self-realisation. We should attain self knowledge through self realization, self awareness and self consciousness which are the pillars of spiritual way of living. Here we understand the self which is immortal or immutable Divine Spirit as every pure, ever aware, ever awakened,  ever free, ever enlightened, full of bliss, with inner peace and tranquility. It is the Spirit which makes livelier the body, the mind and our nature. It goes to show that Spirit is only a reality and the very existence. Births and  will continue till perpetuity but our Spirit being reality remains in existence.

Every individual has different characteristics which are basically different from others of his ilk.  Apart from the characteristics specific to an individual there are missions/purposes particular to the individual concerned which a person has to accomplish during the lifetime. Though present and past karmic deeds or misdeeds are also responsible for mission accomplishment the present karma too plays its part. We have, therefore, to establish our own identity and exert so that our mission in life fructifies. Apart from this destiny, in the form of our Lord’s bounties too, plays its part when we put forth our faculties for mission accomplishment.

Here we have to adopt a cautious approach, at the planning stage itself, have to introspect whether our mission, in any way, is not clashing with the objectives of the society in general. This is for maintaining peace and harmony besides working for sum total of progress of the rainbow of people. While we are fixing the nuts and bolts of our mission, we should always remember that we can change our plan of action for mission accomplishment according to the change in the situation with a notion that His Laws are changeless. It has rightly been mentioned in Veda: “That science is the greatest which makes us know Him who never changes!”  People change as the environment change or change according to situation specific, for change is the sign / precursor of a vibrant society.  But His commandments never change. He, the Bliss One never changes, it is eternal, perfect and with whom negativity ceases to exist. To say the least is, His science is simply the most enduring of all the sciences. 

Scientific inventions and advent of technological advancements provide us with material prosperity. Not that material prosperity is a negative one but this prosperity should not make us heady or egoist. We should use this new found power status / power in providing succour to those who are weaker than us. Desire for material possession is not a negative quality. It is good for living an honourable life. But when our desires make us more subservient /passive follower of the still ‘more’ but lesser on those characteristics which make us magnificent in our own right, infinitely higher in words and deeds, infinitely more blissful than we can be with material comforts – leading a life of a character together with unflinching faith in our Creator. Unfulfilled desires just agitate our mind and result in causing huge stresses. These weaken us. Ask anybody who is bestowed with all the comforts; is that person happy with everything, does that person feel totally liberated from all the worries and cares and is infinitely is peaceful?  The sum total of our prosperity can be ensured when we follow science in close coordination with spiritual thinking i.e. science and spirituality should go hand in hand even giving more credence to spirituality because it gives eternal bliss, where misery ceases and which is the sublimest science of all and a backbone /bedrock of a social culture.

Its mission was for expansion based entirely on intellect and not on any other factors like emotional unity. When that mission was touched/accomplished, it just withered away. Those races / cultures whose life revolves around spirituality these cultures just cling on and survive despite differences in religions, castes, creeds, and cultures; despite hurdles that may  befall have to be surmounted. There are umpteenth countries in the world though subjugated and bled for centuries together by outsiders, their spirits remained intact and did not fritter. Though their progress may be tardy yet these societies just go on. These countries may not have the all the comforts in life, have suffered eternal misery but they have unflinching vitality with even less resources at their disposal – it is the belief in God and following a life of purity and moral life which have made these nations to trudge on relentlessly.

First Commandment rightly points out: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy strength and with all thy soul and with all thy strength and with all thy mind and thy neighnbour as thyself.” Only His love is answer to our problems in our lives and we ought to exert to seek Him. For His love we have to be totally patient. It is not given to us on a platter – patience is a must for getting His LOVE. It has rightly been mentioned in Holy Quran: And obey Allah and His Messenger and do not dispute and lose courage and then your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed Allah is with patient.

The eternal vitality of a society is concentrated in spiritual / religious values. This is also possible by following a life pursuing higher desires for Him. It cannot be replaced or destroyed when it is imbibed. In initial stages, it may take time to take shape but once it is done, it enters into the blood and tingled with every drop in veins and becomes a part of the system. The country which has got religion or spirituality as a basis for every activities which its people are performing, may experience hardships, but it continues and are  not obliterated as has been the case with some.  A society whose heart beats in unison keeping spirituality as its base just trudges on relentlessly.

Bhagwat Gita enunciates: The person who remains alike in pain and pleasure and remains unaffected by these and does not get disturbed by sense objects becomes eligible for emancipation. It goes to show those who are spiritual are peaceful, very quiet, gentle and have equanimity in both happiness and sadness. There may be poverty but in that poverty even they will celebrate their religious functions with gaiety and happiness. Religion is the vital for a race. And those people who live according to spiritual  ordained life will have resilience in day to day actions and do not become rigid. Doubtlessly those who have suffered eternal misery do possess eternal and unflinching vitality.

In Bhagwad Gita it has been succulently been enunciated: A person who lives spirituality will have inexhaustible vitality despite his empty belly. Besides this, the wonderful strength comes from leading a pure and moral life. We all are having inexhaustible vitality. This makes us amenable to the changing situations. If this were so, why we cannot change for the better and work for upliftment of the oppressed while at the same time broaden our spiritual outlook.

Systematic and proactive studying the spiritually rich knowledge given in different religious texts help cleanse the grey areas of inherent knowhow  and help remove the misconceptions we nurture during interaction with our fellow beings. Thus the treasure of spiritual knowledge from different sources assists us in focussing and utilizing our energies for getting eternal benefits while performing our day-to-day routine duties.   

Spiritual is a awareness about God and religion is living in that awareness. The spirituality is the core of religion. By living spiritually, we understand and perceive the true purpose of our life.


Establish a temple in thy inner self

For thee’ll find Him on the altar of thy soul

This world of ours is really illusory

Search out a meaning in life

God realisation ought to be our goal

We ought to understand the immortality of our soul

Fear evaporates when thee adopts morality

We ought to seek God deeply

Inner prayer and is answer to many of our questions

In deep meditation we can have His solid relations

This planet of ours is a temporary abode

This realization should always dawn

Seek and He will seek us all

 Like diamond which reflects light

Charcoal mentality attracts nothing

Repels even the common of all things

Some are conditioned for passion for material possession

And do not know the importance of self realisation

And get at the bottom of riddle that life is for us all

By bestowing us answer to our vexing problem at hand

When self is realized by our sincere efforts

Then the demands of our souls are finally realized.
















  1. Spirituality in its innate traits is all encompassing. It is based on love, compassion, empathy, giving, forgiving besides living a purposeful life full of trust and truthfulness.

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